How to make money as a kid

How to Make Money as a Kid

How to Make Money as a Kid: Everything You Need to Know in ONE Website!

Welcome to our humble kids’ website, dedicated to helping any child learn how to make money as a kid. This site is continuously growing, and this is the homepage. Here, will will discuss tons of stuff briefly while linking to detailed information regarding each item. We want to help each kid to learn how to make $200 or more per week, which is completely possible, believe it or not! You could even earn money with your smartphone, as the world continues to convert into an all digital civilization. All of our methods (blog posts) are here to give you ideas, while our navigation bar at the top will show you a few instructionals that will help you with the fundamentals for successful business ownership. No matter where you are from, how old you are, or what interests you have, we have the knowledge to help you! Keep scrolling, as this page will help you to navigate the website quickly!

The Methods for You to Earn Bank: They Just Keep Growing!

ways for kids to earn moneyWith the dozens of specialized methods that we already have for you kids, from ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, it’s impossible for you to NOT find a method that you can turn into a kid’s business that’s highly successful. As we continue to grow, more are popping up. We can only post so much content at a time that’s helpful for you, so you will need to visit us often to see the new stuff. Some of our best ones include how kids can write an ebook for money, how kids can earn with making candles, children walk dogs for $20 or more per hour, and many more.  There are so many different variations in the things we teach you, so that all of your hobbies or interests can be influenced into a successful, driven business. I don’t care whether you’re a girl or boy, whether you’re from Maine or California, or whether or not your a sit at home type or an athletic type- there is something for everyone!

You can even make money as a kid gamer, if you’re into games, consoles, and writing! As we head into 2015, this technological age has taken a toll on the youth; everyone communicates digitally, instantly, and with the latest smart devices. This applies to shopping as many people now shop online, researching for homework or other family oriented needs (such as medical, organization, or cooking & cleaning), and for sharing memories- we’ve all used Youtube, Dropbox, and Flickr before. Speaking of which, Youtube is a great place to become a teenage celebrity too- and make a bit of dough in the process.

Basic Tutorials for Starting Your New Business: These Apply to Every Kid Who Wants to Make Money on Their Own

Before you can actually launch a business, there are certain things that you just have to know. Just like you can’t own a dog without knowing how to care for it. We do have a brief piece on 10 Rules for a Profitable Kid’s Business, but we also have more in depth articles that cover different steps. After all, you’re going to need to know how to start from square one in order to move forward successfully.

This site is for the bound and determined, those kids who are dying to succeed and have the dedication to make it happen. If you do, read every single page on this website- I’m serious. You can NEVER learn to much. Go ahead and bookmark it, share it with your friends. Keep up to date and start a business with your best pals! We can teach you how kids can get some investment money, in order to help pay for the costs of your new business. Starting a service or good providing business isn’t always cheap, but for the most part it’s only going to be small expenses; until you really start to churn a profit and have more customers and clients than you know what to do with. Then, you can afford to pay for more of the expenses and continue to grow! There are tons of child entrepreneurs out there who are making over $50,000 per month. While this is wayyyyy unlikely for you, it’s not impossible either.

How to make money as a kid
There are so many ways to make money as a kid- come see for yourself!

We Even Have Job Ideas for 10, 11, 12, and 13 Year Olds Who Live In Rural Areas, and Those Who Can’t Leave Home- All You Need Is A Computer!

While working from home is probably the safest idea, some kids don’t have the option to get out of the house to meet new customers. Not everyone lives in a neighborhood, and not everyone goes to a school; if you are a home schooled kid who needs a job, if you live way out in the country or in an isolated area, or if you’re just not allowed to leave home and have strict parents? We have you covered. Writing your own profitable teen or kid blog is definitely one of the most popular choices among our visitors, as blogging can be very fun and easy. We personally love making cash through the internet, because it tends to be a low cost option- or free. You can find so many platforms online for traffic and customers that it is ridiculous!

1111The best online jobs tend to include having your own website, using your social networks for money, and making your own content such as videos. Earning money online: for kids is going to give you a brief rundown of the different opportunities for all of you young people. If you continue to dive into this realm, you kids might take the plunge into building and selling websites. This has made so many people a ton of money- all for the cost of a domain name, hosting, and a bit of elbow grease. It take a while to write up all of your content, but buying and selling websites is an AMAZING opportunity. Interested kiddos can go here to see how to build websites! We’d like to focus on teaching you how to make money as a kid with the help of the internet, as those online jobs are usually the more successful ones. There’s always bound to be success somewhere, but it definitely seems as if a majority of adults, teens, and kids are all finding it a little bit easier with the help of the internet. Even if everything else fails (which is definitely not the mindset that we want you to have), there are still options out there. Even if you have to go with some well reputed websites that pay you back. This was posted by the Huffington Post, which will definitely send you in the right direction.

Everywhere You Go There’s a How-To or Tutorial! Be Smart- Check Out Our “How-To” Business Series for Kids

Any kid could learn to become a talented photographer!
Any kid could learn to become a talented photographer!

As I’ve said, you can never read too much nor can you ever learn just enough! This is exactly why I have already started the How-To Business Tutorials for you to brush up on. I wanted to highlight as many of the obstacles your new business will face in the beginning as humanly possible. It is a new work in progress that will take a bit off time to get off of the ground, but you can visit the Kid’s Business Corner and keep up to date there.

Creating Your Store and Business Step by Step

This little section will cover many different topics, from starting a Paypal account, creating fliers and other promotional items for a business, and online stores to gathering customer information such as phone numbers and emails to deciding how and when to hire help or expand product or service lines. No matter how far along your business is, you can always use a few tips and some guidance!

Keeping the Holidays Profitable and Fun While Helping Kids to Expand Their Horizons

kid holiday decorating jobYes! Holidays can bring you a lot of money if you kiddos can play your cards right! Thousands of families are pining for extra help and time while they are working harder than ever to provide everything their families want during these special times of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are notable holidays for this reason. If you wanted to, you could earn money by helping with Thanksgiving chores or by helping someone decorate their house for Christmas.

To draw out a complete list of possibilities, pull out a pen and paper and jot down everything that is involved during these holidays. This may include:

  • kids can make money with pets and animals
    Didn’t you know that pet sitting is a hot market to start a business in? No one wants to board their dogs in a strange place- they’d rather them be in a comfy home-like environment. Kids can help them, while making some cash!

    Last minute shopping trips

  • Decorating
  • Deep cleaning the house for family and friends
  • Cleaning dishes after a big feast
  • helping to cook meals
  • Babysitting during busy holiday errands
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Finding, signing, and mailing greeting cards
  • Organizing address cards to ensure addresses, phone numbers, and more is up to date for the holiday season
  • Pet sitting while families go away for the holidays

Even Investment Money Is No Big Deal for a Teenager, as Long As You Know How to GET the Investment Money!

Investment money is going to be very, very important for a lot of teens. Sometimes, you have to buy materials, advertising, or tools in order to do, make, or sell the services or goods that will establish your business and success. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s really not that hard. You can check out our how kids can get investment money post that we linked to earlier in this post to begin. However, we’re going to give you guys a few pointers here, as well!

  • If you have old cell phones that you no longer use, try selling them to others who are in need of a phone. Even if it’s an old, cheap phone, someone out there is likely to buy it. There are also web merchants who buy old phones!
  • Have you grown a little since last year? Then it’s probably time to get rid of old clothes that just don’t fit you anymore. You can also rent clothes to other kids for startup money. Take all those old dresses, formal clothes, and shoes and put them to good use.
  • If you’re a gamer or a movie fanatic, I bet you also have tons of old games or movies laying around. This goes for all of you bookworms, too. I am sure you have several games, movies, or books that have not even been touched in 6 months or more. If you have already played, watched, or read them to the point that you just don’t mess with them anymore, you might consider selling them off for a bit of startup moola. That is, unless, you want to give them to one of your siblings later on.

Do You Have Ideas, Questions, or Success Stories? Contact Us!

We love to receive comments, stories, and suggestions from all of you guys. No matter whether you’re 8 years old, 13 years old, or 15 years old, we want to know what you think!  We are here for you, to help guide you and steer you in the right direction. From your question to your success, we want to hear about it!

If you have ideas that other kids might like to try to earn a few dollars, we can most definitely add another post with your recommendation. Every idea is a potential goldmine for another kid out there- and if it works for you, it’ll work for someone else. If you have suggestions for our site design, we most definitely want to hear those as well!

If you have questions, we are ready to answer them. We will answer a majority of questions through our comments section, so you can post on any method that piques your interest. We will do everything we can to answer your question in as detailed a way as possible to help you figure out your next step with your business.

As for success stories, these could serve as amazing inspiration for another child out there. We all need inspiration when the going gets tough- especially kids who are trying to earn money but have hit a dry spell. Your words might just get them through their tough times, so don’t be afraid to share them. We would love to add a “Success Stories” page as soon as a couple have been sent in. We’re still waiting for everyone to hit the big bucks and give us some of their wise words for all of you other young ones! Thank you guys so much for visiting- it’s been an awesome ride; but hang tight, because it’s only going to get better in the future! Just keep on going and do not give up- businesses are built on determination, education, and true dedication. It won’t thrive unless you are truly invested in it! I wish you all a very wonderful venture and the sweetest of success. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

how kids can earn and make money
Kids need a way of getting cash. Unfortunately. many kids just don’t know where to start. This is a list of some really awesome ideas that ought to help. This site also has plenty of instructions for various methods, so you won’t feel left out here!







Elaborating on the Image Above: 40 Ways On How to Make Money as a Kid

  1. Sell Your Old Clothes: If they don’t fit you or you just don’t wear them any more, there is no reason to let them collect dust. Get good photos, jot down the sizes, and list them!
  2. Walk Dogs: Walk neighborhood or friends’ dogs for a quick buck. Sometimes, the owners just want to unwind for the night (or morning) rather than walking the dog.
  3. Write E-Books: E-books are hot sellers. They can be bought and read digitally, instantly. Anyone can publish an ebook, and it costs NOTHING with Kindle!
  4. Create & Sell Album Art: There are so many underground, struggling bands, singers, and songwriters out there. If you’re awesome with digital art, make their album covers for them!
  5. Draw Book Covers: Every writer needs a catchy cover in order to sell copies of their books. How creative are you?
  6. Sell Candy to Classmates: Kids are always harassing for a bit of that candy bar or a stick of gum. Why not keep a few extra and sell them to friends?
  7. Pet Sit: When people go on vacation, there has to be someone to water, feed, and walk the dog who gets left behind. It’s easy enough; can you commit to it?
  8. Baby Sit: If you have experience with children and are old enough & reliable enough to baby sit, you could give local parents a date night or some after school relief from their children! Prove yourself with 1 or 2 families, and soon enough you’ll be requested by others!
  9. Make Feather Earrings: These are so simple. You can forage for feathers or buy them at a craft store; add a few beads and a hook, and viola! You’ve created a fashionable piece that’s always in style. Alter the length and colors for dramatic, fun earrings!
  10. Write & Sell Class Study Notes: Is your history or science class a drag with notes? So many that it takes forever to write? You could do all the work, then sell copies to your friends so they don’t have to write them down themselves!
  11. House Cleaning: Sometimes, the parents are just so worn out and busy that the house needs help. Cleaning is a no brainer that can land you a lot of cash with the right busy people!
  12. Dishwasher: You could literally set up appointments with people to wash their dishes, going from house to house every day at a specific time to wash their dishes. Think about just how much this could earn you!
  13. Make Leashes and Collars: The tutorial on this blog shows you how to do this; you can create unique, cute, personalized collars and leashes that everyone will want, featuring cute little charms and even fabrics with popular characters or images.
  14. Make Cool Pillows: You can use new fabric, recycle old shirts, and more; you could write quotes on the pillows, give them some fringe, or embellish them. There are no limits with decorative pillows.
  15. Write Love Letters: If you’re a romantic, you could write love letters and sell them to people who are in need of expressing their emotions, but they just can’t find the words to say!
  16. Make Gift Baskets: Gift baskets are needed year round. Whether it be for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, baby showers, holidays, graduation, or other celebrations, there is ALWAYS a gift basket that can be made and loved!
  17. Pet Food Delivery: You can purchase and deliver pet food for a fee for neighbors and family. This saves them a trip to the store when they forgot how low the pet food is!
  18. Grocery Delivery: When a busy parent is making dinner but finds they are unable to go to the store to get the missing ingredients, you can swoop in for the rescue!
  19. Photography: While this particular art is a major learning curve, it is still very fun and rewarding. Photographers are responsible for creating everlasting memories of precious moments in life; even a talented amateur could score a few extra bucks with friends and family!
  20. Do Prom Makeup: If you are into fashion and makeup, learn all of the different makeup techniques and perfect them on a mannequin, or yourself. When prom time comes, you could do everyone’s makeup for a cheap fee!

[to be continued]

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  1. This is outstanding. Every kid out there needs to see this site to get some ideas.

    We are in a culture where kids need to grow up thinking for themselves and using their creativity earlier in life.

    For those who learn to dream big, they open the doors to a life of more freedom. I intend to get my son deeper into this site.

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up Scott! My biggest goal here is to open the eyes and ears of our youth. Too many complain and gripe when they don’t have money for this or that- as they continue to complain, their parents cave and buy those things for them. The child grows up expecting this; instead of utilizing the “how can i get money”, they have the option of waiting on their parents to buy it. When they actually have to go in search of these methods, they’re opening their minds up much earlier in life; instilling a creative, business oriented mindset that will nudge them into success later on down the road!

      1. Hi! I saw your “Gaming How-To” Method in which you can write tutorials, could you specify where i can write these. I chose not to use kindle so I want to use a website but not buy my own and also earn money, could you tell me where I can write my how-tos thanks!!!

        1. Hmmm, you might be able to sell it through Fiverr! Or even E-Bay! IF YOU CHOOSE TO SELL IT ON EBAY, you will need to follow their TOS. It is against the TOS to sell digital products BUT there is a work around. You could either have cheap prints of the how-to made through different publishing websites and mail it as a physical min-book, OR you could send the bidder a digital disk via mail with the E-Book loaded onto it. I hope this helps!!!

    2. I’m a kid and I found this website! Its amazing, I’m never bored on school break anymore! I love this website; the perfect thing

      1. Anusha, I’m glad you enjoy my website! Definitely share it with your friends if it helps you! I’m looking to post other varieties of content instead of JUST how to make money. The more people who come in and give their own opinions, the more I’ll know about what kinds of other cool things you guys want to read here! Thanks for the props!

    3. i didn’t find much and i need money to see someone i miss a lot. you see i move a lot and miss a lot of my friends and a lot live in a different state .

  2. I don’t like that most of these have to do with the computer! what if your parents wont give you an allowance or you have no one you know that can babysit? these are not put out there to fit everyone. Most people don’t want to make a “blog” its boring and I don’t know how you would get paid for it. what if you blog sucks. what if it isn’t even the littlest bit of interesting? these are not reliable.

    1. Alyssa, when you go into these things with a negative mindset, they most definitely won’t work out. This blog is intended to ignite the creative fire within you to find your passions. The FIRST thing you need to do is write a list of 20 things YOU love. Once you do, jot down a list of 5 ways you can make money with EACH one. You’d be surprised at how many ideas YOU ALONE will come up with!

    2. Maybe you could add old school jobs like cut your neighbors lawn in summer, rake leaves in fall, shovel in winter. Wash the inside and outside of people’s car. Help set up your neighbors garage sale. Do a lemonade stand. Being a mother’s helper (different from babysitting), sell your art work or other creations at an art fair or on etsy.

  3. Hi there! I’m Souvik And I’m From INDIA, So I’m going to be 13 in January And I know a lot about blogs or I’ve interest in technology :P.. So, I’m thinking to create a blog ( I’ve blogging experience as I’ve done it with club penguin gaming blog and it became famous too 😛 )>> So, I stopped it but Now I’m thinking to make an Computer Tutorial Blog and I believe that It will be hit too but how can I earn money without taking help of parents? please reply 🙂

    1. Hello Souvik! There are some ways around Paypal (the #1 way to get paid) but you might actually have to pay someone to help you through the loopholes. I don’t personally recommend it; however, a particular website called blackhatworld can help you to understand the different ways to make money with a website. I think this site is EXACTLY where a kid like you should go. With your interest in technology and computers, there’s a lot to learn there! If I’ve helped, a share of my website to your friends is more than enough thanks! Thank you for stopping in! –Krystal

      1. Hi there!
        Thanks for this great reply, I have got a lot of help! And You don’t need to worry about it what you have said! 😉 I will tell about you and your site on my Blog and if there is something like image of ur site to show on sidebar ?, it will be awesome 😀

  4. I’m lorcan and I live in a pretty limited environment. I go away to boarding school. I have to save 2,500 euro for my now computer and I’m really stuck for ideas! Any advice?

    1. Lorcan, we continue to post more and more ways to earn some money all of the time. I hope a good surfing of this entire website has helped you; use these ideas to spark others. I must stress again that you should use one of your passions in order to earn some money. I hope you get your new computer soon, and that you enjoy boarding school!

  5. My friend and i are trying to raise enough money to go to a concert, our moms said we have to raise the money ourselves. and we have no clue how. if you have any ideas please contact me. my facebook is “Hollie Nicole Vela” or email me @ *email withheld* Thank you so much.!

  6. Am impressed with your article which motivates the kids how to earn money online without investment instead of wasting on other things on internet learn new technology and earn money in your free time. thanks for the post

  7. Hi,i’m Madison and im turning 13 and i need to earn almost $3,000 for my full season all star cheer team that travels please help me…..

    1. Awesome Ilias! I am glad that you were able to get the ideas and MAKE them work for you! Anything is possible, keep up the good work and I wish you lots of success!

  8. Another way is to ask people for spare dimes ( if of course you live in the USA ) and with the spare dimes fill them in a plastic coke bottle or water bottle because if you fill it to the top that’s $100 ! But ALSO you did not provide any information on how to make an eBook, but thanks for the rest.

  9. Great blog, especially for kids looking to show their parents they are ready for a little more responsibility. Keep up the good work!


  10. I would like to know about the drawing book covers thing? How would I do that?? Because I am good at drawing and that would be good if I can make some money off of it.

  11. I’m 13 and I need money so I can hangout with my friends on Friday nights and to buy a new phone and hockey equipment etc. I have tried the majority of these things and dident work out, I have a youtube account but you need like 100,000 subs to even think about getting moneyfrom it. Please help me

  12. There are many ways to make extra money in your free time, but there are very few that are as easy as filling out a couple surveys. A few hundred dollars a day can easily be earned just with the click of the mouse because your opinion counts.

    Paid survey companies work with major corporations to organize and provide opinions from everyday consumers. As a result of your valuable feedback, you can earn quick money. Some questions are multiple choice, while others may require some writing. Either way, it is entirely possible with the right survey program to earn and extra $200 a day.

    This is not difficult work. If you have a job with a computer, you can quickly complete a few surveys during your lunch break. If you don’t mind having a laptop in front of you while you unwind and watch TV at night, filling out a survey or two can be done between commercials.

    Pay ranges from anywhere to $5 – $50 a survey, which is typically determined on the length of time it takes you to complete the questionnaire. Once you get bored with those, there are options to get paid to watch movie trailers, and some times you can have a little fun by getting paid to test drive cars.

    As long as you are at least 18 years old, anyone can start making money by filling out surveys right away. It’s a great way to put extra cash in your pocket and cover basic living expenses.

  13. 1. Working in a restaurant
    2. Becoming store officer
    3. Registering for home works
    4. Working as a lifeguard
    that are some offline jobs for 15 year olds you can see in my website

  14. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic.

    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for great info I was looking for this info for
    my mission.

  15. Hey! I know this is kinda off topic however , I’d figured I’d ask.
    Would you be interested in trading links or maybe
    guest writing a blog article or vice-versa? My site discusses a lot of the same topics as
    yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other.
    If you happen to be interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Great blog by
    the way!

    1. Cole, you should try selling them through Amazon on the Kindle store. You will need your parents’ assistance, but Kindle is a great place for new & struggling authors to make themselves known!

  16. hello, me and my sister Sadie are trying to find ways to make money to help our parents reach some of there financial goals so we can move. Have any tips on how to make a lot of money fast? This weekend my family and I are having a garage sale and a lemonade stand while selling home made treats.

    1. Kayla, if you click on different tags within posts, or if you scroll to the bottom of them, you will find tons of different ways to make money! If you and your sister are internet savvy and enjoy shopping in yard sales or places like goodwill, I highly recommend thrift shopping and resale! For example: on $0.99 day at Goodwill, you can buy beautiful, barely worn dresses and resell them for 10 x’s the purchase price or more! Try this with clothing, shoes, decor, and more!

  17. Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you iff that would be okay.
    I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward too new posts.

    1. Actually, I do not currently employee a twitter account with this website. I hold multiple jobs and try to keep site upkeep as easy as possible. However, when more time comes along for me to spend with my sites, I will be adding twitter accounts to each! Thank you for the interest in following, Stefan!

  18. Hello, I really need to earn some money and i have done a few of these things but they didnt work very well for me. My dad said i was really good with blue prints and things of that sort. Do you know of anything i could do with those skills to earn movies?

    1. Actually colby, if you can do blueprints, you should try interior design gigs. Start off with a blog loaded with ideas- if you have a knack for blueprints you’re probably good with design, symmetry, and colors. Maybe that would be a good fit for you!

  19. Wow i didn’t know any of these great things you mentioned, I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. Is there any way i can get in contact with you ?

  20. Hi my family is poor. I currently live with my dad but I absolutely hate my mom because she abused me as a little kid so my dad is kinda playing a role of being a mother and a dad by working 10 hours every single day. My big sister is heading to college, and my other sister is always with her boyfriend at his house so I’m always home alone. I’m a really shy 13 year old and a huge horse freak. I wanna get a horse for $300 but I can’t afford it. What should I do? I’m to afraid to talk to new people. I can’t get money from cleaning because I have OCD and clean everything around me. What should I do?

    1. Hello Amanda! If I were you, since you love horses so much, I would do things that revolve around horses. Perhaps with your dad’s permission, you could help out with local people who have horses by cleaning stalls, feeding them, and grooming them. You could also try to make things that are horse related, and sell them letting people know that you are trying to raise money for your own horse. You could make horse shoe jewelry, pillows with iron on appliques of horses, make jewelry for horses (such as charm clips that could be put on the horses mane), or creating a horse lovers blog. The possibilities are ENDLESS! 🙂

    1. Aniya, you first have to figure out what you enjoy doing. Once you know what your hobbies and interests are, dig through this entire website looking for something that interests you. Then, mold it to fit your needs!

  21. i love this!!!!
    Although I am wondering how you make money on a blog? Could you add it. I know you could have adds but that might take awhile.

    1. Kaitlyn, there are actually a ton of ways! You can have ads, you can sell ad space, you can do sponsored blog posts, you can tell people about some band’s latest song that you love (and be endorsed), you can do product reviews for free stuff, sell stuff on the blog, affiliate marketing, the list is just endless. 🙂

  22. Hi Krystal, I just found out your blog recently and what a coincidence, I have a site that’s related to the topic too and focuses on helping teenagers make money online. I believe it would be a great help to your readers. Hope you would stop by. And can I link to some of your content ? They are awesome XD. Have a nice day !

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