How to Earn Money As a Kid During Wintertime

How to Earn Money As a Kid During Wintertime



Winter is a season of holiday cheer, fluffy down coats, Ugg Boots & galoshes, bonfires, turkey & ham dinners, and Christmas/ holiday presents; but one thing many kids don’t have is a lot of money to spend during the long, cold months. With yards frozen short and no warm days to wash cars, people begin to think that jobs are gone for kids. BUT, they weren’t thinking hard enough! From gift shopping to grocery shopping, decorating to catering, there are actually many more jobs to be had!

All of the outdoor jobs for kids disappear when the cold sets in; what can kids do to earn money in the winter?
All of the outdoor jobs for kids disappear when the cold sets in; what can kids do to earn money in the winter?

Christmas Present Shopping Jobs & Grocery Errand Jobs

The last thing people have time for during the holiday season is shopping. They are too busy mailing off cards, cooking mouthwatering meals, cleaning their homes for visitors, working overtime, and decorating trees. You can offer a life changing service by offering to shop for the “hard to shop for” people in their lives, maybe even making gift baskets for Christmas presents. You can also purchase groceries for them as well in times of crisis; an example would be they are in the middle of wrapping presents only to discover that they forget the crust for the amazing apple pie they plan to bake the next day. If you don’t think you could handle shopping for the hard to shop for people, check out our idea list below:

  1. T-Shirt featuring their favorite band.
  2. Funny bottle openers (like the deer butt opener) for people who drink out of glass bottles.
  3. Video game inspired by their favorite TV Show (like a Walking Dead video game for the PS3)

 Decorating (and Un-Decorating) Homes for Fall, Halloween,  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years as a Kid’s Business!

2Who doesn’t love to decorate??? It’s so much fun, especially when you can do it every day; and get paid for it! A lot of parents and families are busy during the holidays, especially with work. They are so busy working overtime just so that they can pay for everything that the holidays entail: food, decor, presents, traveling, and more. Honestly, you could even be a Thanksgiving Helper to sport a few extra bucks. You can give these families a hand by setting up outdoor lights, yard decorations, inflatable christmas santas & reindeer, christmas trees and ornaments, and special table wear. There is so much decorating to be done that many families will HAPPILY pay you to help them out!


Kids Can Also Cater and Make Big Bucks!

If you love to cook, definitely give this one a shot. Catering businesses cook food, present it at the event, and serve it to the guests. It takes care of all refreshment needs for parties and events. If you think that you’d enjoy catering, you should definitely check out some different catering recipes and get your business going! All you have to do is find the right foods, advertise, allow the event organizers to taste test the different foods, then cater for their party or event. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Finger food for halloween
These little “fingers” are a hit at halloween parties. This would be perfect for a kid’s catering gig!

Just make sure that you have all of the necessary ingredients, cooking dishes and utensils, and that you have a way to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold during transportation. You will also need dishes to present the food on, and plates, utensils, & glasses for some parties. Ensure that you ask the host questions about what they will and will not provide.

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