8 Year Old Money Making Tips

Tricks and Tips to Overcoming the 8 Year Old Stigma and Earning Money Quickly and Easily

So, you are 8 years old and searching for ways you can earn money. As an 8 year old, you may have noticed that you face much bigger challenges in earning money than the older 12 and 13 year olds. It’s hard to make cash in a world that does not exactly look kindly upon children working. This is especially true in America, where kids must be 14 years of age to be legally employed by a company. The 14 year olds can apply at places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and hundreds of other places; but for the typical 8 year old, it seems that earning cash is going to be close to impossible.

You are going to face a whirlwind of challenges while trying to earn some quick money in this dog eat dog world. However, you shouldn’t let your young age make you feel defeated. Instead, you can becoming the kid that finds an easy job that will turn a decent profit and show others that it is more than possible if you set your mind to it. Are you going to be that example? Check out our hundreds of blog posts and the following tips below in order to become the idol of your second grade and third grade elementary classmates and friends!

8 Year Olds Should Avoid Difficult Jobs, and Look for Easy, Common Sense Jobs!

I cannot stress this enough! If you are 8, do not try to perform difficult jobs. Adults are not going to think of a kid this young as being experienced in any form or fashion. Instead, you are going to have to take on easy jobs that do not require much, if any, training. If someone is going to pay you to do something for them, they are not going to want to have to train you to do it or watch over you while you perform the job to make sure that you are doing it correctly. Chances are, they are paying you to do it because they just do not have the time to do it themselves. Here are a few examples of some easy, no brainer jobs that you could easily persuade people to pay you for:

  • Weeding a garden.
  • Watering plants.
  • Walking a dog.
  • Taking out the trash.

Avoid Doing Risky Jobs Where You Could become Hurt, Sick, or Get In Trouble for Doing Them!

There is one thing that people definitely do not want to have to deal with when they are paying someone to do something for them or when they are paying someone for goods: they do not want to face legal charges because a child became sick or injured while working for them. If a child of 8 years breaks his or her leg while falling of a ladder during a gutter cleaning job, the parents could take legal action against the person that the kid was doing the work for. It sounds harsh, but injuries and illness are not something to play around with.

Instead of choosing risky jobs, such as using a riding lawn mower, cutting down trees, or dealing with aggressive dogs, you should find work that is generally safe and non-threatening. People do think about these things when they are paying kids to do work for them. Perhaps you should make some cool jewelry, offer to clean up someone’s lawn, or even do their laundry for them.

All Kids Will Require Parental Permission at Some Point

Since you are still a child, there are going to be many things that you cannot do alone. You will need help from your parents to cash checks and money orders. At 8, you will also need their permission to sign up for some social networking sites; and you will even need them to help you with a Paypal account if you do some stuff online for money. Yep! Elementary kids can earn money online as well. Just make sure that your parents or guardians know that you are doing odd jobs and that you might need their assistance at different times to cross those age boundaries. Most parents are perfectly okay with helping their children to earn their own incomes; it beats having to give the children money every time there is a ball game at school or a field trip!


Brainstorm Kid Job Ideas that You Can Keep Repeat Customers with, Instead of Ideas That Require Lots of New Customers.

If you have a kid’s job that requires a new customer for each sale (like painting a fence, for example), then you are going to have a very hard time earning money while you are eight. Instead, utilize job ideas that can give you repeat customers that will need your services or products often. For example, gardens need to be watered every day. Dog owners need their yards cleaned at least once a week, to keep the dog poop from piling up in their yards. In the fall, leaves have to be raked up ever few days. Clothes need to be washed two to three times per week. There are so many chores and jobs that have to be done constantly, so try to take advantage of those.

Being young means it will be hard to get people to purchase your services or goods. Once you prove yourself to be a good worker to them, they are very likely to use you again in the near future for whatever they might need, and will become solid references for you. References will become increasingly important as you grow older, as new customers can use their testimonials (or even find you through word of mouth) to make the decision to hire you. As your customer base grows, you will notice that the new customers come along a lot easier than they did in the beginning.


Make Sure You Keep Everyone Happy!

Never keep unhappy customers. One bad review can ruin an 8 year old’s career. If someone is unhappy, do everything in your power to correct the issue. You can offer them free services, or offer to redo the previous service. Everyone likes free stuff, and this could turn it around the quickest. You could also offer to give them a refund, but this doesn’t show as much of an initiative as offering a free service instead.


How 8 Year Olds Can Earn Money; 10 Ideas to Try Right Now:

  1. Water gardens for neighbors.
  2. Pick up dog poop out of yards.
  3. Wrap presents during Christmas time.
  4. Walk dogs.
  5. Rake leaves.
  6. Pick up debris, limbs, and trash from yards after storms.
  7. Do laundry.
  8. Polish Furniture and clean glass.
  9. Tutor classmates.
  10. Mend clothes with holes and tears.
  11. Take out the trash.
  12. Decorate for the holidays.
  13. Weed Gardens.
  14. Clean small animal cages and litter boxes.
  15. Make pretty costume jewelry.



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    1. Jessica, you will need to start off with simple things. Most parents are delighted to see that their children are embracing the idea of exploring financial solutions at such a young age. Show your mother all sorts of great ideas, ones that YOU have already weighed the pros and cons of.

  1. i think these jobs are great i would love to work so i can buy so much stuff and when i do start I’m going to water the gardens in my street and walk my parents dogs

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