shoes kids can resell

Preparing Old Shoes for Resale

Preparing Old Shoes for Resale

womans-legs-887286_1920When kids outgrow shoes, there’s just no reason to keep them. Especially when they can be collecting money instead of dust! In addition, hunting at places like yard sales or thrift shops like goodwill will yield lots of high quality, slightly used shoes that could bring much more than what they are tagged for. Resale is one game that can bring lots of money, especially when the kids learn how to purchase or find them and price them correctly. 

Checking for Damage on Tennis Shoes and Heels: Loose or Broken Soles, Rips, and Stains

All shoes should be free of damage. Most people are not interested in buying foot wear that is clearly worn out or damaged. Some things can be fixed, but many cannot. Major rips and tears warrant trashing. Never waste time trying to repair shoes that aren’t going to fetch much money. Stains can be removed sometimes, depending on what type of stain it is. Not all shoes respond well to cleaning agents, making for treacherous territory with unknown fabrics or new cleaners. Try removing stains with plain old water first, then move up to cleaning solutions if that does not work.

shoes kids can resell

Cleaning Shoes before Selling

Almost all shoes are going to be dirty in some way. Unless they were stored in a box after being worn once or were stored in a spotless closet, dust and funk will claim them as their own. First, wash all plastic or rubber sections with a toothbrush and some water with a few drops of dish washing detergent. This will remove built up gunk or mud, as well as anything that the soles of the shoes have encountered. Afterwards, bang the shoes together and take a vacuum to them to get any easy to remove dirt off. Next, wipe down all fabric areas with a slightly dampened cloth to wick away hair, dirt, and dust that wouldn’t come off. The interior of the shoe needs to be cleaned out and sprayed with a shoe disinfectant.



Listing Items to Move Them

Once the shoes are cleaned out and prepared for sale, they need to be photographed. Make sure you take photos outside in bright, natural light to get the best representation of the condition of the shoes and the true colors. Then, list them on sites like Craigslist, Facebook, or VarageSale to get them sold. Sometimes, shoes will move very quickly. This is especially true during prom season and the Halloween season. Baby and child sizes move quickly as well, as parents hate to spend extreme amounts of money on shoes that will only fit for a few months.


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