All of the outdoor jobs for kids disappear when the cold sets in; what can kids do to earn money in the winter?

How Kids Can Get $100 of Investment Money

How Can A Kid or Teen Find $100 to Invest In Their New Business, Advertising Campaigns, or Website?

Sometimes, you have to have a little start-up money in order to begin a successful business. Everything costs something: whether it is time, or money. Did you know it can be super easy for a kid to earn $100 to invest in their own businesses? Are you ready to find out how it is possible? Each item is listed with a dollar amount and the total that you come to with each step. Follow each one carefully, and you’ll get there in no time!

$0+$5= $5: Sell Your Old Books Book_lover

Everyone has old books laying around. Here, we will assume that you get $1 for each book, totalling at 5 books. You can easily get $2 out of each, and sometimes more. Try selling them on Ebay or to friends. This list of places to sell stuff will point you in the right direction.

$5+$10= $15: Get Rid of Your Old Coat

Sell your old kid’s coat!

Chances are you’re buying a new coat for this winter season, as the old one probably doesn’t fit you any more. $10 is a great deal for a coat in decent condition, making this an easy sale. Again, you can use the link I pointed out above to find places to sell it.



$15+$5= $20: Buy and Resell Candy!

who doesn't want some quick, cheap candy?Everyone loves candy; and it is easy to sell when it is cheap! Get a bag of bulk candy and resell it to friends and classmates. The bag will probably cost $3, and should contain around 50 pieces. Selling each piece for $0.20 will earn you $10, bringing your profit to roughly $7 rather than $5.

$20+$35= $55: Sell Your Old Cell Phone or Gaming Console!

If your console is old, sell it! It's better to get some cash out of it rather than letting it age and lose its value unused.
If your console is old, sell it! It’s better to get some cash out of it rather than letting it age and lose its value unused.

If you haven’t used the device in 6 months, it is time to part ways with it. You can get a hefty chunk of change out of it; probably more than $35. However, we are under-estimating the value of everything so that you can see just how easy this process is. Someone would LOVE to buy it as a gift for a special person in their lives.

$55+$5= $60: Sell Your Facebook Update!

As we have concluded in our social media article, your status is worth money. Offer to mention a business or product twice in 1 week for $5. It’s a super cheap price that a local business would love to pay for a genuine review.

$60+$10= $70: Walk Your Neighbors Dog

cute puppy and lovebird playing together!We’re finally up to $70, almost 3/4 of the way there, kids! Not going to give up now, are you? This one is super easy- just offer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk! You could even persuade them into it by offering to do it twice for $5 each time.

$70+$20= $90: Notes R Us!

middle school note takingHere’s an interesting one: type up your class notes! Then, print out 10 copies. Offer to sell them to classmates for $2. Who could resist that??? You could do the entire week’s notes, saving them tons of time and paper. All for two little dollar bills!

$90+$10= $100: Sell 5 Old Pieces of Jewelry or 2 Old Video Games!

We have finally made it to our last step, the end of the line, the $100 mark! Either way, you have one of these two items. As for girls, you probably have jewelry you’ve either never worn or only wore once or twice. Why not clear up space in your jewelry box? For the guys, I’m sure there is one or two games that you just don’t play anymore that your friends would absolutely love to have. Sell them off, and get that last $10 to get your business thriving!

Beautiful earrings


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