The “Business How-To” Series for Kids

The “Business How-To” Series for Kids

By hovering over the drop down menu that brought you to this page, you will find several how-to’s on running your own business. This series is designed to help you ensure the success of your kid business, as you will need lots of guidance at such a young age. Hopefully, we can step you through each process quickly and easily!

Paypal Set Up

paypalFor those of you who are looking to earn some money, you may need to figure out how kids can set up a PayPal account. This is an easy process that will require the assistance of a parent. If you are under 18, you will probably need your parents to create the account in their names, then you can direct your earnings to this account.

Creating Promotional Material

.5EVERY business, even a kid’s business, must promote itself in order to attract customers and become successful. The act of promoting something brings awareness of that object to people; any promotion, whether it be through word of mouth, Facebook shares, or fliers will bring promotion to your business. We’ll teach you how to promote your new business with fliers. Even though the internet is now the most common way to promote a business, talent, or product, do remember that the physical methods of advertising and promotion are still very much alive! While it may cost a tiny bit more, handing someone a piece of paper with all of your information while they are in a rush is MUCH easier than asking them to whip out their phone to find you on Facebook, or to type in your phone number. Even just having these materials on hand just in case is a good idea!



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