Method 19: How 12-16 Year Olds Can Start A Free Blogging Job!

How Kids and Teens Can Start a Free Blog to Write What They Want and Earn Money While Having Fun!

Blogging for money has become one of the hottest jobs around, and teens and kids everywhere are jumping on this bandwagon.  If you haven’t thought about blogging to earn money, you should. Right NOW. It’s a very good idea; and free to start. Are you a 12, 13, 14, or 15 year old kid who wants to become a blogger and turn it into a JOB?

What Is Blogging and How Does a Kid Blog? What Does a Kid Blog About?

rain-791893_1280Blogging is the art of releasing your words into posts, day by day by day. You can write about anything, anything and everything. As your traffic grows, so does your earnings. No matter what is on your mind, BLOG about it! You simply write an entry, much like you would a facebook status. However, it’s a little bit longer. It’s ideal to have at least 200 words in your blog post; sites like are blogging sites that have a built in word counter. You give your post a name, write, then publish! Of course you should include photos and videos, as a big wall of text can be pretty boring. The best idea is to blog about things you love, or have done, experienced, or felt.

20 Blog Post Ideas Every Kid Should Write About On Their Teen Life Blogs

  1. Favorite Band
  2. What life is like as a [insert age here] year old
  3. Your favorite food
  4. The coolest place to hang out
  5. What you think about different subjects in school
  6. Your pets
  7. Sports that you play
  8. Your hobbies
  9. Your fears and how you deal with them
  10. The first time you fell in love
  11. The most embarrassing moment of your life
  12. The coolest thing that has ever happened to you
  13. What annoys you the most
  14. What you like about your best friends
  15. What you want to be when you grow up
  16. Talk about your favorite electronic devices and why you love them
  17. Your favorite recipe
  18. Your favorite celebrity
  19. The places you’ve traveled to
  20. The biggest role model in your life

How Often Should Kids Blog, and What Are The Most Important Things to Remember When Running A Teen Blog?

If you are blogging, I recommend making at least 1 post per week.
Many bloggers tend to make a post every single day, which is probably the smarter way to go. This gives your blog many more pages, giving
you a better chance of getting more traffic. This means that if you blog every day for 1 year, you could have 365 posts! Never forget to respond to the people who comment on your blog or leave you fan mail. THESE are your readers, supporters, and friends. They are the ones who will make earning money from your blog VERY possible.

Where Can You Get Safe Photos to Use On a Blog? Avoiding Legal Trouble Is Important!

The last thing anyone wants is to face legal trouble due to an image on his or her blog. Instead of using copyrighted images, blogging with creative commons images is the way to go. Grabbing photos from Google images is very dangerous, as it is a form of stealing. When you steal a photographer’s photograph, they have the ability to take legal action against the blog and the owner. This could cost the blog owner thousands of dollars in royalties! Therefore, everyone can see that stealing images is an incredibly bad idea.

If you decide to avoid using others’ images all together, there is the option to take all of the photos yourself. This way, you own them all! Photographs need to be relevant to the post, so keep this in mind. Becoming an artistic photographer is a great job; it could earn money in addition to providing photos for the blog!

How Do Kids Actually Make Money with Blogging?

                 This is probably the question you have been waiting all night for: and here is the answer! There are literally dozens of ways to make money from a blog. You can use advertising sites, such as AdSense, with the help of a parent. You simply paste their code into your site, and it displays an ad. You can even offer to link to someone else’s blog to send them some traffic to become discovered. You can also offer to review struggling artists’ music, artwork, films, and more on your blog. Perhaps you could even sell things, even crafts that you kids can make at home! There’s a wide variety of ways for 13, 14, and 15 year olds to make money through blogging networks. But, many of those ways will require parental consent. Please check with your parents when signing up for different advertising sites, as they will need your very, VERY personal information in order to pay you. However, once your parents get it set up you are good to go!!!


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13 thoughts on “Method 19: How 12-16 Year Olds Can Start A Free Blogging Job!”

    1. Hello Chloe! Currently, we’re a small site- I am the owner, the writer, and the manager of it all. We’re always more than happy to share stories, and we could definitely use help with getting the word out! The bigger the site grows, the more likely we will be able to pick up helpers along the way. I’m happy that you’re so interested in my blog! With over 500 readers a day already, we’re hoping to continue to grow!

  1. useful list… however, one of the things that should be included is to disregard the list, in the sense that bloggers should feel free to ignore some or even all the advice and experiment… By the way informative post

  2. I’m 12 years old and I will do any online job as long as it is legal in Pakistan. I also have a Facebook account and I can make a Twitter account as well. I just don’t have a bank account or any international account. I am concerned about it.
    Please help me , I will be very thankful for this act of kindness.


    1. Rebecca, are you wanting to go with a FREE blog, or do you want to buy hosting and a domain name? One of the hosting providers (I think it is godaddy, if not, look at hostgator, I can’t remember who it is) is offering TWELVE months of hosting AND a FREE domain name for like $12. It’s the real deal, I bought one myself. I advise adding the whois privacy though, it’s going to bring the total to $20. Now, it may seem like a lot… But normally, you’d pay $12 for the domain name and $10 a month for hosting. In other words? $130/year. If you want free, go to,, and there are more! I advise those two 🙂

  3. I want to make money blogging. I have a list of topics I want to cover and they are music/dance, fashion, ghostly things, and anime related things. Can I make a blog where I have sections for each topic or do I have to pick one of my interests and stick to it? Also, what websites pay for you to blog and what are their methods of payments? I need somewhere that is free and that is willing to pay me.

    1. Cocoa, you want to avoid the websites that specifically state that they “pay you to blog”. Instead, use a free blogging profile such as Blogger,or Tumbler; or create your OWN website (use a hosting website like Hostgator, then WordPress, it’s about $20 to get started). You should write on topics you are passionate about. You can write about ANYTHING that you want, as long as you enjoy it!!! The important part is to write at LEAST once a week, use long descriptive titles (like instead of writing “Apple Pancakes” you could write “Melt-In-Your-Mouth Fluffy Southern Cinnamon Apple Pancakes with Organic Maple Syrup”), use a 3 point paragraph structure each with its own heading (intro, 1st point paragraph, second point, third point, conclusion) and write over 500 words in each blog post. When you have 10 posts, ask your parents to help you set up a google adsense account. Make sure you play by the rules and you’ll have no problems! Google Adsense deposits into a bank account, so it will need to either be hooked up to your parents account or your savings which shouldn’t be a big deal at all! 🙂

  4. I am a 14 year old and I want to start blogging. But can we blog without earning money? I have not told my parents about it because I know they will not allow me to blog. And it will feel kind of weird to know that your parents might read whatever I write. Any help?

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