If you don't know how to start a website, it can actually be REALLY easy!

Method 17: How Kids Can Build Free Websites on Free Hosting & Sell Them

Did You Know Kids Can Build Free Websites, With Free Hosting, and Sell Them to Other People?

1computerIt’s very true! It’s actually pretty easy to build free websites, mainly
because of the wide variety of free hosting websites. Most of them include website builders and website templates, where you can choose the theme that you think looks best. Most people don’t have the time to build a website, and would much rather buy one. So, how can YOU as a kid build a website and sell it to earn money?

The 3 Simple Steps for Kids to Follow In Order to Build a Successful Website That Will Sell!

It is super easy to build a website, as long as you use a hosting company that offers a free website builder with templates (the layout of the website). 12 year olds and 13 year olds generally have a firm grasp on English Composition and grammar, giving them the ability to write well enough to supplement a website with excellent content (text). There is also the possibility for kids to write blogs, Follow the steps below, and you can have a successful website! Other than these steps, you will need to drive some traffic to your website in order to see it grow through users. Don’t forget this important step! 

1: Sign Up, Get a Site Name, and Create the Website’s Layout

First, you will need to sign up with a reputable company to build your website with. You can try Webs or Wixx to start out with. Both of these sites are excellent! I have personally used both of them. Once you have created your account, you will then pick a website name. Be sure that it is unique, but pertains to the niche (category) that you are planning for the website. For example, if you plan to write about skateboarding tricks or news, you could name it something like:

      • The Skateboarding Lounge
      • Skateboarders R Us
      • Skateboarding 101
      • Everything Skateboarding

This list is to give you an idea of how to name a website. After you have picked a site name and subdomain (make sure they are just alike), you will need to pick the layout of the site. Make it something simple, attractive, and relatable. If using photos, make sure they are royalty free images and that they are in HD.

2: Create the Basic Website Pages That Every Website Needs!

Now, you will need to build the basic layout of your website. The homepage is the page that most people will land on. You will want to have either an exciting page that welcomes visitors, or one that boasts your latest news. Both of these are good ideas. Here is the list of pages your new site will need:

    1. Home Page: As stated, this is the page most visitors will land on. You should link to other pages from this page, such as “Visit our Contact Page to find out how to….”.
    2. About Us Page: This page will tell people about the website. You should answer these questions: Why was the website built? What is the purpose of the website? What does the website intend to accomplish? Who uses (views) the website and why?
    3. Contact Us Page: This page is necessary so that visitors can contact you if they need to. There is a wide variety of reasons for others to contact you, so do not leave out this important page.
    4. Resources & Links Page: If you have links to other interesting websites that your viewers might find useful, post them here!
    5. Blog: Every website has a blog these days, and it is a way for you to add new, useful, interesting content consistently without overloading your website with tons of pages. Blogs are like an add-on to a website.

3: Creating Compelling Content!

Now, you need to begin working on compelling content for your website. It should attract the reader’s attention, and every single page should have the following elements:

  • At least 500 words
  • Plenty of royalty free images to interest the readers
  • A comment box for readers to interact
  • Links to other pages that readers will find interest in that are also on the same website
  • Youtube videos for demonstration (such as a skateboarding trick, for example)

Without good content, readers will not have much of an interest. This in turn keeps the website from becoming larger and more useful to the potential audience, as they will leave. Buyers want a good website; you have to make sure that it’s grounded and capable of captivating a large audience.

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    1. There are all sorts of sites to sell it on, including Flippa, Craigslist, and Black Hat World. It just depends on what you’re comfortable with.

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