Giving Old, FREE Clothing New Life!

Giving Old, FREE Clothing New Life!


Currently, giving old clothes new life is one of the biggest green movements that is sweeping the country. Many people are rehashing old clothes in order to save money and forgo expensive, imported clothes that only hurt our economy. It’s not only fun and easy, but it can hone in your design skills at a young age. Therefore, if you are into fashion, you could one day have a head start in this flourishing industry!

Where Can You Get Free Clothes?

Free clothes are EVERYWHERE. All you have to do is ask! People are constantly trying to give clothes away to anyone who wants them- whether they’re old, worn out, or simply do not fit! Ask friends, neighbors, and even post on social media to find them. People give away trash bags full of clothes on classified sites as well. Even your own family members might have some old clothes lingering!

What Types of Materials Will I Need to Transform Clothes?

When you are updating and styling old clothes, there are hundreds of different methods that you could use. Every tutorial will have different tools and steps that you will need to accomplish the look. Some basic items include:

  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fabric Glue
  • Sewing Kit OR Sewing Machine
  • Studs, Jewels, Iron On’s, Patches
  • Ribbon, Tulle, Lace
  • Dyes
  • Paints
  • Glitters
  • Tracing Pencils
  • Measuring Tools (such as a protractor or ruler)

How Do You Make These Clothes?

To get started, first identify what type of clothing you are working with at the very moment. Are they shorts? Jeans? A dress? Old Sweater? You could try googling “how to turn a t shirt into a hoodie” for one unique idea. Or perhaps you’d like to turn a pair of shorts into a cute purse. Maybe turn a dress into a skirt? The options are endless!

One of my absolute favorite places to find tutorials like this is on Youtube. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials boasting so many different cool ideas that you don’t want to miss. You never know what kinds of cool things you could accomplish with all of those clothes.

Marketing Your Creations to the World

The best way to advertise and market your clothes is to model and wear them! Which is clearly the funnest part of creating new clothes! Make sure you post cute selfies EVERYWHERE of your new clothes. This will gain attention from peers and classmates, allowing you to sell the clothes to people who show interest. They would also make excellent, unique gifts for the right people.


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  1. Thanks I am 11 and I am a total fashionista. I love up cycling and sewing. Thanks for the videos. I have always up cycled and brainstormed, but I never thought about selling them. Thanks!

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