10 Quick, Free Writing Job Ideas!

 10 Quick & Free Writing Job Ideas for Teens!

Alright kiddos! So, you are interested in writing, but are not sure of where to begin your little startup job. As you already know, it is hard to compete for customers when you are young. Some might consider you incompetent, while others might consider you too immature. Don’t let this get you down! Instead, just do a little research about official writing guidelines and the job at hand and do it! You’ll be very surprised when you realize writing is a LOT easier than weeding a garden or moving furniture.

Are You Ready to Write? Here’s Our Top 10 Ideas!

  1. Product Blurbs: Every day, thousands of new items are being posted for sale on the internet; and every item needs a description to educate the potential customer and encourage them to buy it! These are based on product facts & easy to write for kids!
  2. Craigslist Ads: With the competition on CL getting hotter by the day, individuals and companies need the most PERSUASIVE ads they can find. Are you good at begging people or instilling curiosity?
  3. Inspirational Short Stories: If you’re creative, you could always sell short stories to bloggers, publishers, or magazines!
  4. Forum Posting: There are hundreds of new forums being built EVERY day. However, without members, new forums WILL fail. Forum owners are always looking to pay people just to share content and communicate with other posters.
  5. Blog comments: Comments make blogs look popular, and many people are willing to buy real, genuine comments to make their blog look more active and trustworthy.
  6. Product Reviews: All companies love to have reviews done for them, and many are willing to pay for you to write one and post it for your friends & followers.
  7. Find your inspiration for your story or book through the world around you. If something fascinates or intrigues you, weave it into the story. This is a wonderful way to keep yourself on track with your ebook.Testimonials: Testimonials are similar to reviews, only it revolves around the product more than your life; and these are usually found on the company’s site.
  8. Humorous Entries: Some bloggers just completely lack a humorous bone. Every now and then, they find themselves in need of an article that brings a comedic feel to their blogs.
  9. About Me’s: It seems almost everyone tries to blow away others with their “about me’s”, especially on dating and friendship websites. If you have the ability to captivate, you could make a nice hunk of change here.
  10. Slogans & Advertisements: For smaller companies and businesses, marketing professionals just aren’t able to fit into the budget. Instead, they have to rely on the hidden talents of independent freelance artists. No matter what, every company needs a catchy slogan with a flashy advertisement!

What Is Considered a Quick and Easy Writing Gig for Kids?

In all honesty, the quickest, shortest writing gigs are anything under 500 words. As you continue to write, your typing speed will become impressive; up to 55 wpm (words per minute). Even at 50 wpm, it would only take 15 minutes to write 500 words, with 5 minutes of research included. If you are getting paid $5 for that article, then you could earn $20 in 1 hour. This is a bit on the high end for estimated earnings, and you should expect from $5-$10 per hour of work involved.

How Can Kids Get Better at Writing Short Stories, Reports, and Informational Essays?

There are a couple things you tweens can do to improve your writing

Have you ever sold books to earn money?
Have you ever wondered what your writing skills are truly capable of? Well kids, now is the time to find out!

abilities and gain experience with different techniques. Here are a few methods you could use:

  • Increase your wpm by using online typing speed games.
  • When you write pieces, ask your English teacher to look over them for you. Teachers are highly trained professionals who can provide you with free, top notch coaching; never underestimate just how valuable they are!
  • Check out online grammar courses & English composition guides.
  • Enter writing contests that will provide feedback & critique your entry.

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5 thoughts on “10 Quick, Free Writing Job Ideas!”

  1. HI, so I needed to know where I can write product blurbs, and how I can come in contact with people who I can write stuff for ‘cuz I got the talent, I just don’t know who I should contact to let it out an get the money too!!!

    1. Sam, I also checked your status on my list just now, and you were signed up in the beginning of November 🙂 So you’re on there! Have you not receive any newsletters at all? If not, make sure you don’t have them marked as spam. I will be sending the ebook via newsletter. Also, you should try Textbroker or Fiverr for blurbs. These are prime Fiverr gigs. You could offer 5 for $5 and it would be a good purchase for the buyer!

    1. Alex, do you mean writing stories for bloggers to post on their blogs, or writing stories on your own blog for people to read?

  2. Hi,
    I am only 10 but I love to write and I need a website where I don’t make my parents sign up and I write my own things. In most of the websites I found, you have to be in the US or you don’t get paid with money, just gift cards. Please help!
    – Ale

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