Earn 20 an hour dog walking

Method 7: Kids Can Walk Dogs, $20 or More Per Hour!

 Did You Know Dog Walking Could Be So Profitable?

You probably weren’t aware of that, but it really can be! This is especially true if you’re a 12, 13, 14, or 15 year old with a large social circle, neighborhood, or city. This is more of a job for the mid-aged to older aged teens, rather than the younger crowd. We will explain this soon, however there are exceptions to this! One of the most important pointers for this method is for you to ensure that you have sufficient experience with handling dogs. You should know how to properly handle a dog, and be wary of certain safety precautions. You can find lots of helpful information on the ASPCA’s “Dog Walking 101” page to get you up to speed!

Earn 20 an hour dog walking

How Much Can a 12-15 Year Old Make When Walking Dogs?

Generally, a dog walking session should last long enough to give the dog adequate exercise, expend excess energy, resolve boredom, and it allows the dog to go potty outside rather than inside (or in the yard). A half hour session is usually long enough to accomplish this, but you can do longer or shorter sessions depending on the needs of the owner and dog. For example, an older dog with hip problems may just need to go outside for a bathroom break and a breath of fresh air. A boisterous young collie may require an hour of fast paced walking and some play time at the dog park.

You can charge varying rates for different time requirements, but it’s not uncommon to receive an average of $10 per half hour session; sometimes up to $15 or $20 in wealthier areas. This means You could easily earn $20-$40 in a single day; not too shabby!

Why In The World Would Someone Pay a Teen dog1to Walk Their Dogs?

The reasons for this are simple- these people are probably way too busy or tired to walk their dogs during the day! Some people may get their dogs outside in the morning and after work, but they probably can’t be at home in the afternoon to ensure their dog can get outside. This is where you come in. This also applies when someone has important after-work activities and won’t be home until late at night. Other times, adults are just way too exhausted after a long day at work; making walking the dog a nearly impossible chore. That $10 or $20 that they give you is probably more than worth it in their eyes!

Why Is Dog Walking Not the Best Idea for 8, 9, 10, or 11 Year Olds?

There are quite a few reasons that I believe this job wouldn’t be dog2suited for those of a younger age. One of those reasons is experience. Many kids under the age of 12 will lack the experience necessary for this type of job. You will need to know how to properly handle a dog, how to keep the dog obedient, how to avoid fights/attacks, and what to do in case of a fight. This is a VERY flexible job though; and even an 8 year old could be suitable for it depending on their experience and knowledge, as well as the dog’s size and personality. 

How Can I Find Dogs to Walk, Repeat Customers, and Places to Take the Dogs to?

One of the best ways to find customers and their dogs is to ask friends and neighbors first. If you find clients this way, they can spread word of your business to their friends and family. If unsuccessful, try visiting your local park or dog park and hand out fliers! Leave fliers in other commonly trafficked areas such as coffee shops, mailbox buildings (or rooms, such as apartment building entrances), and even veterinarian offices or groomers. The online world is a great place to advertise as well! The key to repeat customers is to offer a great, reliable service that keeps a low price for a REALLY happy dog; and the deal is sealed!

If you’re unsure of where you should take the dogs, Google is your best friend. You could simply walk the dog around the block, or take it to a pet friendly store. Perhaps you could walk him to the local park or dog park for some frisbee or sunbathing. Maybe a splash in the creek and a quick roam through the woods? The possibilities are ever changing for the quirky dog walker!

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    1. Aileigh, just start with asking neighbors and family friends. You will eventually find someone who needs their dog walked on a regular basis. As time moves along, you will accumulate more and more customers through the family and friend relationships you already have (your best friend’s cousin is going out of town and needs their dog taken care of, or your father’s coworker needs his dog walked because he’s pulling a lot of overtime at work, etc). Entrepreneurship is a BEAUTIFUL thing that you will be happy you dived into when you get older!

    1. Leeah, we actually do not offer jobs, we just help you to find hundreds of different ways to make your own money and start your own business 🙂

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