How Kids Can Make Money Online

How Kids Can Make Money Online

With the need for cash growing among young people, there is a Wondering how a kid can make money online?massive influx of teens and kids searching for ways to earn some dough online. There are a billion and one ways a child or teen can make money through the internet, from selling crocheted crafts to creating cool images for websites. Kids are becoming more tech savvy by the year, but how many kids are taking advantage of what they know??? This is how kids can make money online if they hang on to a bit of discipline, persistence, and the drive to succeed!

What Websites Can Help Kids to Make Money on the Internet?

With the hundreds of ways out there, there are going to be tons of websites that make it possible to earn some mula and learn how to make money as a kid. The infographic below will give you a good idea of how to utilize different websites, whether it be somewhere like Etsy or Facebook. There are many places to sell things, auction off old stuff, offer to design various forms of artwork as a service, web content & development services, and there are even advertisement opportunities! Check out the infographic below for some different websites that you can utilize.

How Kids Can Earn Money Online Website Infographic
There are tons of websites out there that kids & teens can use to earn money online. Try starting with these!

Why Is It Better for Kids & Teens to Earn Money Online Rather Than In the Real World?

One of our favorite reasons is because of safety; it is much safer to try to earn an income through the internet. If you’re online, you can usually protect your identity, address, and physical safety. There are also many more possibilities online, many of which do not require an investment to begin your new job or business. This is why all teens should learn how kids can make money online; to protect themselves and maximize their earnings. Don’t get me wrong though- there are hundreds of excellent ways to make your own business offline too!

          What Ideas Can I Start Out With?Figuring Out Taxes Can Be Interesting... Maybe not...

Before we list some ideas, I just want all of you to know that certain laws require a person to be 13 or 18 to sign up for websites, sell things, file faxes, etc. Don’t worry though; your parents could do all of this for you. You will need to check out government sites regarding paying taxes with your parents to find out how to do everything the right way; they can easily figure it out for you. Let them know that you have just recently found out how kids can make money online, and that you want to begin your very own business in order to get your own financial life started! Now, let’s get to some awesome ideas for making some cash online!

Top 10 Ideas List

  • Write E-books: There’s always an ebook to be written! Try writing factual books, how to’s, recipe books, or even fiction.
  • Design Band CD Covers: Bands always need artwork for their latest CD’s. Are you an artist who can help?
  • Sell Your Photography: Are you an avid photographer, but don’t know what to do with all of those incredible shots?
  • Create Musical Jingles or Simple Songs: Commercials need jingles. Short videos or animations need background music. Youtubers need some music to set the tone. If you love music, this is for you!
  • Create and Sell Small Websites: Are you a whiz on a particular subject? Create a website with several pages of content, then sell the site to someone who would like to use it for advertising!
  • Ad Design: Do you know how to create cool pictures in photoshop? Companies would KILL for a highly attractive ad that pulls in the eyes and brings in visitors.
  • Start A Humor Blog: Are you a comedic person who loves to share funny stories and photos? Well, funny is IN on the internet!
  • Auction Off Old Stuff: Do you have clothes that don’t fit anymore? Old game console? Phone you don’t use anymore? Cool knick knacks that you just toss in the closet? Sell em!
  • Write for Other Sites: Site owners need content all the time; but they are so busy! Write stories and posts for these sites, and sell them to the site. Chances are, the site needs another writer to keep up with all of the visitors!
  • Fiverr Gigs: Can you do an impersonation of Cartmen or Arnold Schwarzenegger while singing happy birthday? Can you write a message on your head and walk around all day like that? Can you print out flyers and hand them out? Write a personalized review of a website or product? Then, create a fiverr gig telling people what you WILL do! You get $5 (actually $4) for every gig you complete.

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32 thoughts on “How Kids Can Make Money Online”

  1. There are a million ways that internet users can work and earn income online. Now with just my pc and an internet connection, I can work from the comfort of my home. I have worked for a number of internet marketting websites and made thousands of dollars online.

    1. I am just a 12 year old gamer and I am looking for ways to make money, I don’t know where I should start as a child, I am very good at gaming and I tried Youtube but that got me no where.. I also tried blogging which turned out all right but I don’t know where to earn money from it, if there is any simple solution please email me at:
      Thank you, Farewell.

      1. Mona, things like this require finding the RIGHT niche for YOU. No one method works for every person. This is exactly why this site exists, to provide you with lots of different ideas. While there are plenty of things you can do online, please note that you will have to pay attention to a variety of things including requiring parental permission to use different sites. If you’re a writer, you can write and sell ebooks. Or make websites. If you’re a photographer, you could do a photography tips blog. If you like to play funny pranks, you could do a prankster youtube channel. The options are endless online.

    2. Hi there James,
      I was wondering if you could discuss with me some marketing websites? How you started ? How did it go? If you enjoy it or not? Did you enjoy the income profit? Who did you work with ?. Thx.
      Lisa. E

      1. Lisa, there are hundreds of things out there that you can do 🙂 You will want to work as a freelancer usually though, meaning that you work with different people all of the time.

      1. Sara, try the Kindle store through Amazon 🙂 that would be a good place to start! Your parents may have to help you with setting up the account, but that’s no biggie!

      2. Look up how to make a kindle ebook. It will tell you how to make one. Plus, you can publish it for any amount of money you want! It all depends on how long your book is and whether it is fiction or nonfiction.

  2. Good i have seen better ones. Hey guys um i am listening to mattyb 45 secs please listen to it his voice has gone deeper. Puberty

  3. Hey! I’m a 15 year old girl, trying to discover the different impacts can be made on other resources of money. I enjoy designing and writing. What would be a good path or some jobs that would help get the profit I need.

    1. Lisa, I actually have many on here already that would be suitable for you. Just dive in and browse through all of my blog posts! A blog might be your best option, perhaps an instructional design blog that would perform well with viral traffic sources. If I were you, I’d set up your blog, invest in a good camera, and hone in on some photography skills. Pictures & social referrals are really the best traffic source now days!

  4. I so much have to get money so if you can tip an a website for me as a 11 years old so i can make money to buy they stuff i need so if u can than please do it

    1. Sindri, we have several methods here to try. Please go through our different articles to see what method suits you best. I wish you good luck!!!

  5. UGHHHHHHH I am 10 and truthfully I didn’t get this at all sorry to ask this but can someone explain it simpler I hate reading long reports and often just skin so if you could simplify it would be awesome 😅😅

  6. I am 12 and I love creating pictures and making stuff I was wondering could anybody tell me a good website to create ads or pictures so I can earn money.

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