Extreme Couponing for Kids

Extreme Couponing for Kids

money-soothes-1032649_1920Extreme couponing can be very profitable, as you can get items extremely cheap then sell them to people who want items for a lot less than store prices, but don’t have the time to coupon. Extreme couponing is excellent for kids because it requires lots of time to do; and little money to invest in. Your family can also benefit from all of the extra items!

Learning How to Start Extreme Couponing

coupons-580420_1920The best way to learn how to coupon is by visiting extreme couponing sites that teach you the trick to couponing effectively. sites like The Krazy Coupon Lady have tutorials and ad match ups. This way, you don’t have to match coupons and sales by yourself. You simply look for the deals you would like to get, prepare or print your coupons, and take your shopping list to the store! There is a lot to learn, but this is the site that I learned from!!!

Where Kids Can Buy and Print Coupons

One of the best places to get coupons is online. Thousands of coupons are available to print for free! Coupons.com is one of the best sources (and safest) for online coupons. Sunday copies of your local newspaper will have lots of high value coupons too. The trick is to stack these manufacturer coupons (coupons that are available from the manufacturer of the product) with store coupons (coupons from a particular store such as CVS) and store sales. This is how items become super cheap!

How to Sell Couponed Items

lavender-products-616444_1920Couponed items are best sold through family and friends or online venues. Facebook groups are excellent for this. Many people are looking for a deal, so it’s all about the way you advertise and promote your product bundles. Ensure that items are paired with like items, and that your prices are NOT the same as retail.

Once you have a nice little stockpile going, you can sell entire lots of products for a certain price. For example, you could have 5 ketchups (normally $2, but you paid $0.50), 5 mustards (normally $2, but you paid $0.25), 5 steak sauces (normally $3, but you paid $0.75), pickles (normally $2, you paid $1), and paper plates (normally $3, but you paid $1). One of each item is worth $12, but you paid $3.50 for the lot. You could then sell the bundle for $8, a $4.50 profit. This would be a great “picnic” bundle.

You could also do other bundles such as:

  • Bath & Shower Bundle
  • Deodorant & Fragrance Bundle
  • Laundry Bundle
  • Snack Bundle
  • Pet Treat Bundle
  • Cleaning Supplies Bundle
  • Haircare Bundle
  • Makeup Bundle
  • Feminine Care Bundle

And so much more!