Writing out of passion turns into money.

Method 13: How a 14 Year Old Can Write E-Books to Sell on Kindle

How a 14 Year Old Can Write E-Books to Sell on Kindle

Dream It. Write It. Live It. How a 14 Year Old Can Write E-Books to Sell on Kindle
Dream It. Write It. Live It.

During the tween and teen years, young minds are filled to the brim with ideas and fantasies that take them by storm; leading them to become complex and vivid stories that belong on paper. This is one of the biggest benefits to being a kid, and what better way to utilize it than turning it into a part time or full time job for a kid? Today, we are going to learn how a 14 year old can write E-books to sell on Kindle without having to pay for ANYTHING.

 Important Tips for Writing Your First Killer, Best Selling E-Book as a Teen!

Before you begin, you have to decide on several different things:

  • What genre is the story?
  • What are the names, personalities, and styles of the main characters?
  • What is the point of the story, what happens?
  • What are your 3 big obstacles that will need to be resolved (examples: sneaking out of the house to go to a friend’s, fighting off a dragon while trying to save someone, forgetting to grab clothes before the big date, etc)? What is the end resolution of the book?
  • Setting of the story?

Once all of these things are answered, your book will pretty much fall into place. You don’t want to write your ebook without a planned journey; otherwise, you might have unnecessary chapters at the end, or too many loose ends to tie up.

 How a 14 Year Old Can Write E books to Sell on Kindle that Don’t Involve Creative Writing (Non-Fiction)

Writing out of passion turns into money.

For other books, such as non fiction titles, there is almost 0 creative writing skills required. You just have to give the reader knowledge in an easy to understand language; while keeping them engaged and interested at the same time. Be creative with your introductory paragraphs, and keep the tone upbeat, positive, and happy. Believe in your reader, and show them that you have faith. Tell them about different places, show them how to do things in easy how-to/DIY instructional books (such as the ins and outs of bug farming for money for example), or teach them how to care for creatures or antiques. There are tons of nonfiction ideas out there! The biggest thing is to write about things you are passionate about. Otherwise, you might never finish your book. Ensure that you have solid factual research, rather than flimsy sources (Facebook, for example) so that you don’t get bad reviews.

Promoting and Marketing Your First E-Book as a Kid


As a teen, it will feel like a huge accomplishment to become a published writer; and it is, by all means! However, you might feel unlucky if you catch 0 sales. You want to advertise your ebook in order to bring in sales (one of our posts has 50 unique places to sell stuff for your reading pleasure). Here are some good ways to do this:

  • Tell friends and family about the book before publishing.
  • Share links to it’s store page on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Point to it from your blog.
  • Print out flyers and business cards.
  • Tell the local bookshop about it if you want to print copies.
  • Advertise using the Kindle platform.

Without some promotion, people will not know your kindle book even exists. Therefore, just because you aren’t making sales, you don’t need to be worried. People have to find your book before they can even buy it; so just keep promoting if it doesn’t sell!

What Else Do I Need to Keep in Mind When Writing My Ebook?

Find your inspiration for your story or book through the world around you. If something fascinates or intrigues you, weave it into the story. This is a wonderful way to keep yourself on track with your ebook.Now that you know how a 14 year old can write e-books to sell on Kindle, you need to be aware of a few different tasks that you will need to take on along the way.  The quality of the content, research, and/or story is very important for the buyer. Length is not a huge concern, but you definitely want to give the reader a nice, beefy chunk of text for their money. You want your readers to feel like they haven’t been ripped off, and you want them to be happy enough to think about buying your other titles that you put up. If your story or non-fiction book seems like a good deal for the price, then you’re good to go! Typically, 15-40 pages for a non-fiction book will suffice, while a story should be 50 pages to 350 pages. You will also need to format your book for Kindle, and you will need to make an ebook cover. There are tons of ebook cover generators and ebook software available to you free of charge.

Creative ideas in a young teens mind help to create some of the most compelling and mentally illustrated stories.

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    1. Once you have written your Ebook, you publish it to Amazon Kindle. All you do is upload the book’s file after editing it for kindle, and upload your book cover. Kindle has an ebook cover generator to make it easy! Please visit http://www.kdp.amazon.com to find out more information about this program; they have many tutorials & FAQ’s to help you from start to finish Tori!

  1. Really informative, but that can’t be all there is. Writing a good book requires commitment and the skill of twisting words to say what you want to say. There’s mystery and lead-ons and drama. It’s not that simple, or everyone who knows how to type could write a book.

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