The 10 Golden Rules for A Successful Kid’s Business

The 10 Golden Rules for A Successful Kid’s Business!

As you may know, every business has to follow a particular set of 619307160_019d96a443rules to make sure that it thrives. Kids’ businesses have to be much more aware of these ten golden rules as they do not have the assumed expertise that adult-owned businesses do. A teen business has to pay much more attention to things like customer happiness, discipline, and timely delivery; make sure you follow by the rules and watch yourself succeed whether you’re 9 years old or 15 years old!

The Customer is Always Right

While this may not be true, you have to act like it is when running a business. The customer is paying you, and you have to treat them in a way that makes them come back. If the customer believes you’ve done something wrong, you will be obligated to fix it if you want to preserve your own reputation.

Being On Time

When delivering a product (whether it be candles, a dvd player, or a cute red skirt) or service (such as mowing yards, cleaning the house, or hanging christmas decorations), the customer expects it to arrive or be delivered on time. Never make the customer wait; do it early if possible! This will score major rep points for you kiddos!

successful kids businessQuality of Your Services & Products

Customers will always be expecting high quality products and services. Never make your products or services seem too good to be true; you might set expectations too high. If you aren’t on the same level as Leonardo Da’vinci, don’t advertise that you paint like him. Otherwise, your customers might become angry.

Customer Service

Always be prepared to help your customers if they have issues with your products or services. Never avoid them, or the word will spread like wildfire. Give every customer your attention and address their problems accordingly.

Build Personal Relationshipsteens can earn money with their businesses

Customers LOVE businesses where they feel like they know the person who owns it. Ask your customers how they are doing, congratulate them on new life events, talk to them about daily life! Make sure they know that you DO care about your customers.

Invest In Your Business

You kids have to know that you must continue to put money into your business; this is called “investing”. You can invest in computers to keep track of your business, buy a domain for your own blog, business cards for customers, advertising in newspapers, new special promotions, and much more. If you’re having a hard time picking the right domain name – try this suggestion tool and find the domain that describes your business best.

Create Your Brand Image

A brand image is what people recognize your company by. You need a company name, slogan, and logo that people will recognize. This builds trust and recognition within the community. When people simply start RECOGNIZING your logo and business name in a positive light, you know you’ll become successful!

Offer A Growing Variety of Goods and Services

concentration is important for a healthy business modelThe more you offer, the more your customers (old and new) can choose from. As you continue to expand your line, you’ll even notice that past customers may be sinking more money into your business. Allow it to grow, instead of restricting it to the same old services and products that you offer.

Effective Marketing is VERY Important!

If you don’t market your business, how do you expect people to find it and give you their money? Advertise your business as much as possible in a RESPECTABLE manner (don’t spam!) and ask previous customers to tell others about your business. Offer discounts to new customers and referrers if you need to.

Don’t Give Up; You Never Know What’s Around the Corner!

Sometimes, you’re going to feel like you’re failing and you might ask yourself “why am I even trying?”. But let me tell you something: NO successful entrepreneur has become successful by giving up and throwing in the towel. HANG IN THERE! YOU GOT THIS! Just keep on going; even if you feel like you’ve been struggling for months. Just keep swimming, guys! It’ll happen!

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