How to Make Money as a Kid with Halloween

How to Make Money as a Kid with Halloween

costume-15682_1280Now, it’s time for our super special, scream inspiring, ghoulish Halloween special! Just in time to get those little gears going in your head! Halloween is a huge bank breaking season, with parents and families spending thousands of dollars on make up, costumes, candy, treats, foods, travel, decorations, and more.

Learn how to make money as a kid during Halloween, and you will probably find out just how quickly you can save up hundreds of dollars. Halloween is coming quickly, so do NOT wait. Get started on your ideas now, before it is too late.

Buying and Reselling Costumes

reselling kids halloween costumesWhen Halloween is over, most people want to get rid of their vampire, monster, Frankenstein, cartoon character, alien, clown, or whatever else costume they own to save space in the closet. You can purchase these lightly used costume at the end of the season, then resell to people for a decent price. You have to think ahead for this one though, but it has a LOT of profit potential. This is why we listed it first; so YOU can buy up the costumes this year for $5 or $10, then resell for $15 to $50+ next year!

Selling Last Minute Bags of Candy

candy-304392_1280It happens so incredibly often: neighbors run out of candy long before the night is over. They don’t want to have to go back to the store in order to get candy, so instead, why not come prepared? You can offer the bags of candy for sale to the neighbors and anyone else who runs out of candy super early. Sell the bag to them for twice the retail value, and they will be excited not to have to make another trip out.

Selling Last Year’s Decor Cheaply

Similar to the costumes, this is another EXCELLENT upsell opportunity. You can buy things for 75% to 90% off retail after the big clearances start. You can purchase Halloween party supplies for pennies on the dollar. If the sale is the final 90% off clearance, you can usually get napkins, plates, party favors, drinking cups, table runners for $0.50 all together- or $1 if they were originally $2 each. You could then sell this entire package for the same price as retail, or for 10x’s your investment! You could buy $10 worth of Halloween stuff and profit $75 to $100. Of all of the things you can do, this is ONE of the best.

How Is This One So Profitable?

The reason this option is so profitable is because you will be taking advantage of sales after Halloween where the store has NO use for the Halloween merchandise after the holiday. They just want the merchandise GONE so they have room for the next holiday’s merchandise.  halloween-500113_1280

Decorating for the Neighbors’ Halloween Party or Decorating Yards

People love to have decorated yards and homes for trick or treaters and Halloween costume parties. However, they don’t always love to set it up every year. For kids, Halloween decorating can be an absolute blast! Can you imagine making money for something that’s purely fun? Since this is something you’ll enjoy doing, you could charge lower rates and bring in more clients.

Can Kids Be Part of a Haunted House or Haunted Woods and Get Paid?

Some haunted houses allow kids to be part of their creepy cast! You could get paid for being a ghost, witch, troll, scary demon child, or whatever else the haunted house is in need of character-wise. In order to do this, you will need to get into contact with some haunted houses or haunted woods in your area. Just be sure that you follow the rules so that you don’t scare anyone too badly! The history of Halloween has changed drastically, and new traditions are popping up year after year; haunted woods are one of these, and is a spin on haunted houses!haunted woods Halloween jobs for kids

Be a Halloween “Monster” Sitter

trick or treatingKids love to trick or treat- and a lot of parents don’t. In addition, many have to work during Halloween, making it difficult for them to take their kids trick or treating. Instead, you could baby sit the kids and take them trick or treating through the neighborhood. You have to keep the kids safe, and keep them within your sight at all times. NEVER go down streets that don’t have lots of other people, or streets that don’t have street lights. There are bad people out during Halloween, and you have to keep the kids and yourself SAFE.


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