shoe laces might make you more than you realize!

Selling Shoelaces: Take It Out to the Ball Game!

Selling Shoelaces: Take It Out to the Ball Game!

shoes-670624_1280One thing that most school spirit squads over-look are the shoelaces on everyone’s shoes. Almost everyone wears shoes that lace up; but rarely anyone targets this prime realty! School spirit shouldn’t leave out the shoes. Most people keep their plain black, white, or gray shoelaces, forgetting that they are quick, easy, and cheap to change out. Try selling some shoelaces to the students and family members in the bleachers; it will give them something to do as they wait for the game to start!

Why Are Shoelaces a Good Idea for Kids to Sell?

Shoelaces are not frequently targeted. Therefore, you can easily make a crazy amount on shoelaces. They are really cheap, and can be purchased for $1 each. You could sell a pair for $5, which is a reasonable purchase for most people. These are some of the great perks to selling laces:

  • Shoe laces are inexpensive.
  • They need to be replaced every few months, as the ends wear out.
  • They are interchangeable, and you can mix and match laces with different shoes.
  • Some laces are made in cool funky patterns.
  • Other laces are no tie, which are another great option for younger children.

You could even offer family discount rates. Make sure that you have colors for both teams, so that you can earn from fans on both sides of the field.

shoe laces might make you more than you realize!

What Types of Games are Best?

For the most part, you want to choose a game that is highly competitive. Sports such as golf, cross country, and bowling are no where near as competitive as sports like football or baseball. You want to sell laces for something where the fans are truly competing against one another: what team has more fans? What team has more spirit? What team is wearing more spirit colors? What team is louder? The competition in these sports is UNREAL. Try one of the many game types to see how each one performs with the shoe laces!

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Basketball


What Do I Need to Set Up?

chair-827479_1280You honestly do not need much to set up. You could wear a shirt that advertises what you are selling, while wearing some of your laces. You could set up a small table, chair, and sign as well. Make sure that you keep a decent hold of your shoe laces, as some younger kids who don’t have money might try to steal them; in large crowds like that, it is easy to steal something so small.

If you decide to wear a particular teams colors in order to make some sales, make sure that you change your clothes before you go over to the opposing teams’ side. You do not want to wear colors of the other team, while trying to sell the opposing team some spirit laces. It just doesn’t look good, and it might fetch you some dirty looks. Don’t forget to change your shoe laces either, as those are the biggest method of advertising! The best part is, you can do this at EVERY ball game with the leftover pieces that you have. Therefore, nothing goes to waste!

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