Q&A Post: How to Lose Weight Fast for Kids

Q&A Post: How to Lose Weight Fast for Kids

Oddly enough, this is a question that has been received. I took this as a GREAT opportunity to try and be a HEALTHY influencer of you kiddos. You see, there are ads, movies, and students that all peer pressure someone into having the “perfect” body. Pft. For one, let me just say this: it should NEVER matter what anyone thinks of you. IF you choose to lose weight, do it for yourself! It is perfectly fine to love yourself the way you are; and everyone has a different preference for body type. No; skinny, muscular people are not always the “ideal” body figures.

Everyone’s body is shaped differently due to genetics, and it’s important to allow your body to be HEALTHY. No, a 00 pant size is not always healthy (for some people, they naturally have itty bitty body figures and fast metabolisms.) So, let’s make sure YOU are getting a HEALTHY idea of how to lose weight. Here’s a goverment website for healthy kids’ dietary recommendations to look at.

NEVER EVER use supplements or pills. You’ll not only waste your money and see no results, but you could put yourself in danger and cause the opposite effect. Here we go: how to lose weight fast for kids! Let us know how your journey goes, and leave any positive thoughts or ideas in the comments below.


Exercise IS What Every Kid Needs to Have a Healthy Body!

Jogging_Woman_in_GrassYou should exercise DAILY! This is the best way to help yourself lose weight. Kids tend to be a lot less physically active now than when I was a kid. With cell phones and computers all around us, it’s much easier to binge watch a TV show, play Halo or Peggle, or sit on Facebook all day long than it is to go outside and break a sweat playing. For one, this is sad. Don’t do this- go out and explore the woods. Swim in a creek. Catch some frogs and lightening bugs. Make mud pies. Go on a picnic with your friends. Have FUN!

On the side, exercise! Run with friends ever day on your favorite nature trails. OR even just walk! Hike your favorite hills, and see about going on hiking trips with family. Ride a bike!

15415843365_f5e5626eef_zYou can even go to a gym (many schools actually have gyms too!), and do different techniques every day. Alternate between cardio (like the bike or running the treadmill) and weight training (lifting weights, or other muscle resistance equipment). Cardio gets your heart pumping and it gets you sweating; helping to burn off the fat and calories. Weight training helps your muscles to grow, strengthen, and tighten. This in turn helps you to burn more calories off. Also: when you exercise every day, your body will maintain a higher metabolism, meaning you can keep even more calories at bay.

Kids Need to Eat HEALTHY!

Chocolate Ice Cream SundaeIf you do not eat healthy, you will not win. Don’t even think about it! Your biggest enemy is processed, refined sugars and carbohydrates. A Carbohydrate is simply a complex sugar. Your body breaks it down into sugar. Carbs will give you energy, but are taxing on your pancreas, which produces insulin to metabolize the sugar. Eventually, all of this leads to fat. The alternatives we will list below will help you to avoid many of those unnecessary carbs. Instead of eating these refined foods that are super bad for you (like white bread, many children’s cereals, bread sticks, cookies, pasta), eat whole grain items. You want a LOT of whole grains. Breads and pastas should be dark, and loaded with tons of fiber. You should be able to see cracked and whole grains in your breads- oh, and multigrain is even better. THROW ALL SNACK CAKES INTO THE TRASH, KIDS! If any kid wants to lose weight quickly, this will definitely be the first step. Now, try some of these ideas:

  • Grain-bread-cerealInstead of white bunny bread, go for dark, wholesome 9 or 12 grain breads.
  • Instead of bleached, enriched pastas, go for whole grain pasta or veggie pasta. Both of these are wonderful. I even think whole grain pasta tastes a LOT better than enriched!
  • Instead of regular tortilla chips, go for organic, salt-free, whole grain blue corn tortilla chips. When you pair this with hummus as a dip, IT IS DELICIOUSSSSS. I SWEAR!!!!

Need More Information and Tips?

eat-547511_1280This cool little website has a ton of educational material that is targeted towards kids and healthy eating. It is there for educators, meaning you can learn a lot from it. This will help you to get your dietary needs correct for your body, so that you can maximize your health and weight loss.

This resource is a direct go to site for all things healthy regarding losing weight. You will find MUCH MORE here than what I have talked about, so I recommend visiting this one as well. Please be wise about the way that you treat your body; you are young, and you do not want to destroy it! Check out the inspirational video below; she should be every kid’s hero!


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  1. I agree a good healthy eating lifestyle can do wonders for anyone wanting to lose some weight. Working out is great, but you need to start with what you put in your mouth.

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