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As we continue to add new pages, more ages will become available. Choose your age to find ideas, tips, and tricks that are directly related to your age. Age really does make a difference, as you will be able to accomplish more as you enter your mid-teens.  Here’s our different age-specific articles:

Younger kids are able to do more simple jobs that don’t require as much skill, time, or labor to accomplish. It is also important that the jobs are safer for kids of a younger age, rather than somewhat risky. Certain jobs will require more experience before you can offer those services (such as using riding lawn mowers or ladders to climb on top of a house), so that the person who hires you doesn’t have to worry about you hurting yourself.

For the older kids, it’s much easier to offer more skilled and riskier services, as the employers will be much more likely to hire them. Age makes a huge difference when it  comes to hiring someone to do a job; most people would frown at an 8 year old who is offering to change the tires on their car, for example. You just have to continue to learn different skill sets as you grow up, so that you can find your own financial freedom before graduating high school!

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