How Teens Can Sell Their Phones

Method 9: Finding and Selling Old Cell Phones for 2014

Do You Have An Old Cell Phone You Used When You Were A Younger Kid?

If you do, then you should definitely try to sell it.  If you’re a tech savvy teenager with phones that you just don’t use anymore, they are gaining dust while phone 2they become older and older. The older a phone gets, the less valuable it becomes. Every day, cell phones are becoming thinner, lighter, faster, and smarter; they are also getting better screen resolutions, higher megapixels on their cameras, better battery lives, and higher amounts of storage. If you do not actually need that old phone, sell it to another child or kid who wants to buy it (or family and friends)!

Who Would Buy My Old Childhood Smartphone?

You would be surprised at how many people would buy an older smartphone from a kid or tween. Many people buy them for back up phones, or for temporary use after theirs breaks  (either way, it’s a good way for a kid to earn money!). The following are also prime reasons for buying an older smartphone:

Kids Can Sell Phones for Money

  • Someone just loves that particular model, and their own device
    identical to it was stolen or it broke.
  • A parent is trying to find a cheap smartphone for their young child, but doesn’t want to pay a lot in case they break it or lose it.
  • Someone might have a tight budget and doesn’t want to spend much.
  • It’s a middle school or high school student who doesn’t have the ability to spend $200 on a new phone.
  • An older individual only needs it for its smart phone capabilities, but doesn’t need the latest, hottest technological advances.

What About Old Flip Phones and Dinosaur Phones?

While it won’t be much, even these phones can bring you some money! You could sell them for $5-10 (with charger) to kids or parents who need a super cheap phone just to make calls or text. For the dinosaur aged phones, you can find many places to sell them because of what they have inside. Many cellular devices are made with precious metals; this might include gold or silver. Therefore, some companies will pay just so that they can get to what’s inside of them.

Ancient Dinosaur Nokia Phone

What If There Is Something Wrong with the Phone?

When you go to sell the phone, it is important to note everything that might be wrong with it if you are selling the device to someone who intends to actively use it. Certain things, such as water damage, will drastically reduce the amount that someone would pay for the device. The list below is of minor issues that the buyer may not mind or things they can fix easily:

  • The phone has the wrong carrier (simple fix if the phone uses a sim card for service).
  • The battery only holds a charge for 3-12 hours.
  • The case of the phone is scratched or dented.
  • It’s got a small scratch in the screen.
  • It’s running really slow.
  • It’s low on memory.
  • It needs a new charger.

The following is a list of things that you need to MAKE SURE that the buyer is 100% aware of when they buy the phone. These issues may not be cheap to fix, and the phone should be much lower in price for that reason:

  • Cracks or chips in screen.
  • Battery won’t hold a charge for 3 full hours.
  • Battery cover is missing.
  • Phone has water damage.
  • Certain speakers don’t work.
  • Phone randomly turns off.
  • Phone won’t turn on.
  • Phone won’t charge.

Where Should I Sell My Old Phone, Especially as a 12, 13, 14, or 15 Year Old?

Firstly, you need to try to sell your phone to friends or family for the safety and convenience. IF this doesn’t work, you can try online classified sites, or even Facebook sales groups. Other than this, there is another safe alternative: you can sell the old phones to massive cell phone recycling and buy-back companies. Most of them operate through the internet, and all you have to do is visit the site, find out how much they’ll give you for your device, and drop it off with a postal service for delivery. Then, they’ll mail a check!

A kid's old cell phone could be worth 50 dollars or more

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