Method 8: Buying Low, Selling HIGH!


Have You Teens Ever Seen Something SO Cheap, You Almost Felt Like You HAD to Buy It “Just Because”?

So, you visit a yard sale today, and you see the most BEAUTIFUL little girl’s dress known to humanity; and they only want $0.10 for it. The first thing you think is: “I really should get this, it’s such an awesome deal!” however, you stop and realize that you don’t have any kids. Even worse, you’re not sure if any of the kids in your family or social circles could fit into it!!! Don’t feel hopeless just yet, though. There is someone out there who wants it, and you can make a BIG profit on that dress by selling it for money!

What Can I Do With That Dress (and Other Items)?

Once you purchase it, you can take it home and clean it up some. Give it a run through the washer and dryer, and make sure there are no stains. This way, it is attractive to a potential buyer. You can then list it up for sale on various websites, in your local newspaper, or you could post a photo to Facebook letting all of your friends know about it.

If you decide you love that particular item too much to sell it, there are other ways to make money from it as a kid too! This is especially true if some of your friends or family member shave already expressed some interest in the item that you don’t want to sell. If it is a piece of clothing, you could always rent it out to other kids for money. Just be sure that they will take very good care of the clothing, and that it comes back to you in the same condition that it left in. The only down side to this is that accidents happen; so make sure the trust is there and you’re all set. 🙂

Where Do I Find All of This Stuff as a Tween or Teen?

Gosh, there are so many different places that you could shop to find yard saleall of this incredible merchandise! Any ole’ kid can walk up to yard sales and donation outlets to shop to their heart’s delight; but perhaps you don’t know where to start! Ready? I’m going to list some for you!

  • Yard sales and garage sales
  • Consignment shops
  • Craigslist
  • Dumpster Diving/Curb Alerts
  • Goodwill stores
  • Pawn Shops
  • Flea Markets
  • Scrap Yards (Why not sell your old soda cans while you’re here?)
  • Lost & Found Centers

How Do I Price Items When I Try to Sell Them As A Kid? Will People Pay A Kid Like An Adult?

Yes! People will pay you just as much as they would an adult. One of the biggest things to remember is that you need to offer the potential buyer a deal. If you only gave $0.10 for that dress you saw at the yard sale, why not sell it for $5? Any kid can make decent money that way! If you bought 20 items in different yard sales in one weekend and spent only $20-$30, then tripled or quadrupled the sales price, you would make $60-$120. Mind you, quadrupling the price of that dress would have only made it $0.40. You can follow this chart below in order to see what your items might resell for:

Like New Clothing $5-10 Shoes $5-$15
Jewelry and Accessories $1-$10 Purses $2-$20
Dresses $5-$20 Artwork $1-$100
Small Home Decor $1-$20 Kitchen Appliances $5-15


Be careful with how you price things, as you do not want to go too entirely high. Selling them slightly cheaper will bring you a sale faster, while listing them for too much might keep you from snatching a sale.

My Items Aren’t Selling Fast Enough- What Do I Do???

I’m sure you’re rather impatient; I was very much so when I was a kid! However, it may take a while to find the proper buyer. This is DEFINITELY a bulk method; the more items you have up for sale, the higher the chance of an item making you some money. Selling books is definitely still popular, so it’s a good place to start out if you have a large social circle with regular readers. All kids have enough free time for this teen friendly business, it’s just a matter of patience. The best times for things to sell is at the turn of the season, during holidays, and during moving season. Don’t be discouraged if you’re still waiting; just keep advertising!

Different Ways to Buy and Sell as A Teen
Teens can use different sites and methods for buying & selling stuff for profit!
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