Method 30: Replacing Broken iPhone Screens for Other Kids

Replacing Broken iPhone Screens for Other Kids

Every single day, another kid breaks his or her iPhone screen. Breaking the screen ion an iPhone is absolutely heartbreaking for most phone obsessed teens and tweens. It is surprising how much time even 8, 9, and 10 year olds spend on their phones. The screens on these phones break very easily; it does not take much force for them to crack. But, did you know that there is a lot of money to be made with fixing iPhone screens?


How Can Kids Earn Money from This? Are There Tutorials for Fixing Broken iPhones?

IPhone_InternalsThere are so many different tutorials online for replacing the cracked screens on iPhones that it isn’t even funny. I will be linking to one below just so that you can get an idea of how it’s done. Learning how to make money as a kid with iPhones is exciting because most kiddos spend enormous amounts of time with their cellular devices; making it something that is truly a beneficial skill.

When the screen of an iPhone cracks or breaks, it is usually still able to be used. However, it is very dangerous with all of those broken glass shards so a kid should NEVER use a phone with a cracked screen. The screen has to be removed from the phone delicately, then the new one inserted.


Do I Need to Buy the Screen AND Digitizer for the iPhone? Where Can Kids Buy These Parts?

When replacing the screen on an iPhone, you are better off replacing the screen and digitizer; it will cost $50 or more for the screen and digitizer, but this is the safest, easiest way to replace a screen. But if you buy a broken phone for $50 then fix the screen and sell the phone for $150, that’s $50 profit for 20 minutes of your time! If you replace just the glass, you enter risky territory. You risk breaking the screen, and you need more qualified tools and experience to do it. IF you become very experienced, then replacing the cheaper glass part might be the thing to do in the future!iphone-410311_1280

In order to buy these two pieces, I recommend visiting websites like Ebay. On ebay, you can get these parts super cheap. Some might not have logos on them, but even these cheaper options will work quite well. You just have to make sure that the dealer you are buying it from has a good reputation for selling high quality parts.

Why Would Someone Pay a Kid to Fix Their Screen? Can’t They Just Buy a New iPhone?

Kids Can Sell Phones for MoneyTo begin with, iPhones (even used ones) will cost $150 for the 4 models up to $800+ for the latest & greatest new models. With the piece itself only costing $50 or so and labor running the owner about $50, it proves that screen replacement is worth it. With iPhone 3G’s being so old, I would never recommend fixing these. They only bring $50 to $75.

iphone-500291_1280For some people, the screen can be broken so bad that they can’t get to anything on their phones to save it or back it up. This can become a top priority; especially if there are priceless pictures they can’t get back. shipping the phone to Apple means a costly repair, and the device will be wiped clean. The truth is, the device doesn’t need to be wiped to have the screen replaced! This allows for precious data to be kept safe. HOWEVER, there is always the risk the data will be lost, NEVER promise someone that you will keep their data from being erased!

people-315907_1280On the flip side, there are also other kids out there who accidentally break their phones and don’t want their parents to know about it. They might not have been allowed to take them to school, and broke them. Or perhaps they were being irresponsible with the phone. Either way, some kids are more than willing to pay someone to fix the screen before their parents find out what happened. It could be well worth avoiding being grounded!


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4 thoughts on “Method 30: Replacing Broken iPhone Screens for Other Kids”

    1. Leeah, you can find ones with broken screens SUPER cheap on sites like Craigslist. However, *NEVER EVER EVER* meet someone without a parent with you. Have a parent with you when meeting ANY stranger for ANY reason. I wish you the best of luck 🙂 Thanks for dropping in!

  1. I am 11 and I think I want to work with fixing iPhone screens thanks to whoever made this website….. This REALLY helped!

    1. You are more than welcome Nia! 🙂 I’m glad this post has helped you! It will be a learning curve trying to fix iPhones. ALWAYS get a cheap broken one to PRACTICE on, once you’re confident, try it out on some old broken ones people are selling; after you’re 100% confident, it’ll be an easy way to help out people around you!

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