Have you used Youtube to make videos for money? Everyone should give it a try!

Method 15: Make Silly Youtube Videos as Kids and Earn from Ads!

Did You Know Those Silly, Funny Youtube Videos that Getted Shared By Kids Earn Tons of Money? All from Ads!

Youtube is a wonderful place to upload videos and earn from them for life.Making videos to earn money as a 10 to 14 year old kid is one of the coolest ways to pay for all of that  stuff you have been wanting! Making Youtube videos is fun and easy, and some videos earn thousands (YES! Thousands!) just because there are ads on them. A video with 1 million views could earn over $5,000; so what’s the secret with earning money from Youtube as a kid? Let’s find out!

Why Do Companies Pay for Ads to Place on My Kid Videos? Are They Really That Good?

Have you used Youtube to make videos for money? Everyone should give it a try!

If your videos begin to drag in lots of views, then the answer is yes! Even kids make viral videos; some as young as 9 years old. For the most part, avid Youtuber kids can begin earning serious money from the video platform giant by the time they are 13 year olds. How cool would it be to record a video, upload it, record more, and slowly earn more and more? Businesses pay for ads on these videos because they generate traffic. It gives them a chance to find new customers, viewers, fans, and even game players. Chances are, you have clicked on an ad before because it interested you; that’s exactly why they are there!

How Would I Get Lots of Views to Earn Money with a Teen Video Blog?

Youtube videos are one of the best ways for kids to earn money! It's safe, trusted, and easy!For the most part, all of the views that you will be getting won’t be coming from friends. Instead, they’ll be coming from complete strangers who have stumbled upon your video. Usually, they find it through the search feature of Youtube, through the suggested/recommended videos that are on the right side of a video, or through sharing by others. If you can create a video that offers some awesome advice or tricks, or even some humor, you can expect to do VERY well on this website. If you find that your video isn’t getting very many views in the beginning, let it sit and age for a while. It will need some time to infiltrate search results. If after two months you still see no movement in views, alter your video title, description, and tags.  This can make a huge difference! Visiting the Google and Youtube Tutorials will help you to understand how this video platform works, and it’ll also give you a ton of guidance from uploading your video to understanding how the entire site works. After the video below, check out the ideas I’ve included in the next paragraph.

What Are Some Good Ideas for a 10, 11, 12, or 13 Year Old’s Youtube Show? What Should My Videos Talk About?

Honestly, there are videos on Youtube that make absolutely no sense, offer no value, and still manage to get millions of views. Then, there are wonderful videos that get no views. Your job is to figure out a type of video that will get traffic, but offer some sort of value to the viewer. You can do reviews on products, services, or websites to begin. You can then move to things like local news or just a humorous Youtube show. Vlogging for teens can be fun; but it takes a while to get the hang of it, unless you are a natural! Here are some good ideas to get started:

  • Reviewing your favorite electronics or beauty products.
  • Capturing cute moments involving your pets.
  • Explaining how to cook certain things.
  • Crafting doggy & kitty clothing for holidays, special events, and winter wear.
  • Showing peers how to survive bad days at school, how to get through certain classes, and why particular preparation might be necessary when going to a new school or when transitioning to middle/high school.
  • Reviewing crazy food items that are new in restaurants, grocery stores, and other crazy food fads.
  • Showing people how to do particular crafts.
  • Making your own top ten lists.
  • Life hacks (such as how to shop for difficult people).
  • Giving people advice for hard situations.
  • Simple humor show
  • Writing gamer how-to’s & game secrets videos

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