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Method 11: 2014s Best Places for Kids & Teens 12 & 13 to Sell Clothes

Selling Clothes Is So Easy, a 9 Year Old Kid Could Do It! A 13 Year Old Can Too!

A 13 Year Old Always Has Old Shoes Laying AroundIf you have clothing to sell, there are several different places for you to sell it! Seriously, it’s amazing to realize how many different markets and shops have opened up for kids and teens. Now that technology has advanced, options really are endless for the average 13 year old. 2014 has opened a few doors and windows itself, so make sure that you are making use of these opportunities while you sell off your clothes.

Remember that all of the clothing should be clean and in decent condition before you try to sell it. If it isn’t, you may not catch a sale. First impressions are important, so make sure that your clothes impress the people who are viewing them.

Place #1: Varage Sale

If you have not used this particular site yet, you’ll find that it’s almostBest Places for Kids to Sell Clothes like a mostly ┬ámobile version of the child of Ebay and Craigslist. Seriously! It’s a bunch of ads by people in one convenient stream that revolves around the images. It’s targeted at mobile device users mainly; it allows you to snap a photo, upload it, add a title & description, pick your price, and done! It’s really quick and easy, making it the best solution for lots of items. If you’re getting rid of all of your winter clothes, this is the best place to start.

Second Place: Ebay is STILL Alive and Well!

Dr Who Hat for TeensEveryone knows someone who has bought or sold something on Ebay. Almost every 13 and 14 year old has surfed through Ebay for the things they are saving up for to know who has it for the cheapest price. This is the best option for most clothing as it has the LARGEST user base. Since everyone knows about this site, you can rest assured that your old teen, tween, or child size clothes will find a new owner quickly. This may not be the best option if you’re looking for the highest bid but it’s definitely worth a shot. If you have unique clothing items (such as branded merchandise, cool costumes for sale for halloween 2014, or custom made shoes for example), Ebay will allow you to reach an ultra targeted fan base to sell your clothing to. The search feature on this site is so incredibly popular for a good reason guys!

Third Time Is the Charm: 10 Year Olds Are
Turning to the Handy Dandy Consignment Shop

You might possibly need a parent to help with this process, depending on the consignment shop itself. Consignment shops are excellent places to sell clothing because so many people are shopping at them in 2014. You see, the economy tanked pretty Random Teen Costumebadly in 2008. Ever since then, frugal living has become incredibly popular. People shop at second hand stores, buy clearance items if possible, obliterate grocery store sales, and they take part in extreme couponing. This is the perfect opportunity for 9, 10, and 11 year olds who might not have continuous access to an internet capable device.

So how do consignment shops work?? You and the shop decide on a price for your item, and the shop keeps a certain percentage. Once your item sells, the shop gives you your share. Basically, the shop charges you a fee for selling your item in their store. Not a bad idea for all of those old clothes that are hanging out in your closet waiting to finally be worn again!

Our Fourth Idea Involves Facebook!

Almost all of us have a few pieces of clothing our friends REALLY love. There is definitely a way for kids to earn money on Facebook with their clothing. You see, you only have to post photos of those awesome shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories (such as old cell phone covers) then tag the friends that you think are interested. In the description, say that you are selling it for $XX. Then ask if any of the friends are interested! If you have tons of friends on this social site, it should sell quickly. If it’s been over a week, try posting it into one of the thousands of buy sell and trade groups on facebook. Ensure that you have the size handy for those who are interested, as they won’t be interested in buying the clothing if you don’t know what size it is.

Consignment Shop Clothing

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