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How to Reupholster an Antique Red Leather Couch

How to Reupholster an Antique Red Leather Couch

Red leather couches are fairly unsightly, unless they are being used in a funky modern styled home or a retro styled home. Reupholstering an ancient couch can bring new life to it, allowing you to auction it off to the highest bidder. There are so many different fabrics out there to enhance the old frame with, and you do not have to use leather again. It takes a bit of skill to reupholster an old piece of furniture, so it is best to find free, junked couches that no one wants anymore.

How to Find a Free, Unwanted, Junky Leather Couch without Paying a Dime

6205337317_a7afc63f62_oBrowsing online and in newspapers will provide kids with a wealth of options for old unwanted furniture. especially couches. Couches are replaced by the thousands every single year; they have a lifespan of about 5 years before they need to have maintenance and repairs done.  Instead, most people just buy a brand new couch. When an old red, orange, or green couch goes out of style, many will opt for a neutral brown, black, or tan couch that will continue to match decor. Curb alerts in Facebook groups are great ways to find couches too; a curb alert is when someone places a couch they no longer want at the curb for trash pickup.

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Where to Find Fabric to Restore Antique Ugly Red Couches

Before the process can begin, fabric must be purchased. You may also need nails, a hammer, a sewing machine, and foam for any necessary repairs. Virtually every department store and hobby store has a massive selection of fabrics. Measuring every part of the couch (back, arms, sides, cushions) will give you an idea of how many square feet of fabric you will need. Purchasing extra is always a smart idea.

What Kind of Fabric Is Best to Use When Restoring an Old Piece of Leather Living Room Furniture?

Red leather upholstered ottoman benchTo be honest, the fabric needs to be extremely thick and dense, to resist tearing and wear. It should also be stain resistant if that is available. Resistance against tearing is important because of how much abuse a couch will go through over the years. If there is damage to underlying layers of fabric, those will need to be replaced as well. Taking samples of the old fabric will help you to identify some great replacements while you’re at the store.

Opting for cute designs is a good idea as well. Novelty fabrics can help a restored couch sell incredibly well. For example, a Batman themed couch would be incredibly popular as a gift for a husband, boyfriend, brother, or son.

Fixing Couches and Making Damage Proof Covers for Animal Lovers

adorable dogs can destroy couches and other living room furnitureDesigning a matching couch cover is an excellent idea for people who love their pets. A couch cover protects the furniture, keeping cat and dog hair, drool, food, feces, urine, claws, and teeth off. The owner can then put the pets away and remove the couch cover when there company visits. Pets are incredibly amazing, but they have a knock for destroying furniture in every way imaginable.

Putting the Restored Leather Love Seat Back Together

Once you have removed all of the fabric, take note of how the love seat was previously assembled. The new fabric should be placed onto the couch frame in the same way. Using the old leather fabric as a pattern is going to give you the best cuts, eliminating wasted material. You can also add more filling to the couch to fluff it up, or replace the foam in the cushions to make them more comfortable. Every restoration project is unique, giving the restorer a lot of room to make the latest couch a bit more special than the last.

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