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50 Best Places for Kids to Make Money with Crafts, Hobbies, Used Items

List of the 50 Best Places for Kids to Make Money with Their Crafts, Hobbies, and Used Items!

This post is going to be a bit different- we will be highlighting the 50 best places for kids to make money selling the items that they have on hand. This applies to arts and crafts festivals, online retailers, flea markets, and much much more. Many of the flea markets and festivals are best suited for arts and crafts, something that almost any kid and teen can make money from easily! Check out our big list, and leave us some feedback if you have ever participated in one of these 50 awesome places for kids to make money! We would love to hear about your journey, and to see your success!

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Everyday Events:

  1. yard sales
  2. consignment shops
  3. newspaper advertising
  4. swap and shop phone applications (varagesale)
  5. selling to gaming stores
  6. asking friends/family (word of mouth)
  7. flyers

Annual Craft Fairs:

  1. Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival: This is located in Florida, and generally takes place in early spring.
  2. Ann Arbor Street Art Fair: This local Michigan favorite is a massive festival taking place during the summer.
  3. One of a Kind Show: This Chicago show occurs right before the holidays, making it perfect for gift giving. The audience and buyers come loaded down with money!
  4. La Quinta Arts Festival: Californians celebrate the artistic realm with an upscale, unique approach; making this early spring festival perfect for the kids who need to sell their odd or interesting crafts.
  5. Des Moines Arts Festival: This midsummer art show is located in Iowa, and features not only top artists but talented emerging artists as well.

Other Annual Events:

  1. Mule Day Flea Market in Columbia, TN.
  2. The Honobia Bigfoot Festival in Honobia, OK. (this one sounds pretty fun if I say so myself!)
  3. Humungus Fungus Festival in Crystal Falls, WI.
  4. Tarantula Awareness Festival in Coarsegold, CA.
  5. Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, KY.
  6. Washboard Music Festival in Logan, OH.
  7. Turpentine Festival in Portal, GA.
  8. Wayne Chicken Show in Wayne, NE.
  9. National Lentil Festival in Pullman WA.
  10. Duck Tape Festival in Avon OH.

Country Renowned Flea Markets

  1. Dog Days Flea Market, Ardmore AL.
  2. Brooklyn Flea, in Brooklyn, NY.
  3. Brimfield Flea Market, in Brimfield, MA.
  4. Austin Country Flea Market, Austin TX.
  5. Union Square Green Market, in NYC, NY.
  6. Corridor Sale: This is the world’s longest yardsale, and stretches along over 650 MILES of roadway from Ohio into Alabama. This yard sale attracts hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.
  7. Springfield Antiques & Flea Market, in Springfield, OH
  8. Shipshewana Flea Market is the largest outdoor flea market in the midwest; and is located in Shipshewana, IN.
  9. Georgetown Flea Market, Washington, D.C.
  10. First Monday Flea Market, in Canton, TX. This flea market is spread out over a 100 acre plot of land with over 3,000 visitors. It will draw over 300,000 visitors on any given first Monday, with visitors surging during gifting seasons and weather seasons!
  11. Mower’s Saturday Flea Market, in Bearsville, NY. This one is located near Woodstock, and has tons of visitors as well as artisan foods. Food always draws a crowd; especially when it’s outside of the old Americana standards like hamburgers and hotdogs!
  12. Melrose Trading Post, in Los Angeles, CA.
  13. Renninger’s Flea Market, in Mount Dora, FL.

Online Spots:

  1. Ebay
  2. Amazon
  3. Chegg (for textbooks)
  4. Craigslist
  5. Facebook buy/sell/trade groups
  6. Kijiji
  7. Pinterest
  8. Facebook Updates
  9. Fiverr
  10. Electronic buyback sites (this is one of the best places for kids to make money, especially if a kid has just gotten a new cell phone and wants to sell the old one!)
  11. Shopify
  12. Weebly
  13. Etsy
  14. iStock
  15. Artpal

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